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Rainy Day in KC.  Great day for going to church.

Designed in 1940 by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Kansas City Community Christian Church is a wonderful addition to the community.  Not only is the building quite striking, but the congregation really reaches out to the community to give freely to those in need.  I was impressed by this when my father and I attended a Sunday morning service.  Even though they were deep in the midst of trying to raise money for renovation of the pews in the church, the whole service revolved around giving to others in the community rather than just focusing on giving money to the church.  It was refreshing.  When I returned home, I sent them a donation for their pews and dedicated the row of seats to my father.  I also made a donation to my favorite local group and dedicated it to the KC Community Christian Church.

The church is located across from one of the main public squares in Kansas City.

Looking back at the fountains in the main square.

Metal sculpture next to the church.

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