They say „Home is Where the Heart Is“ – at least it’s where your heart should be. Unfortunately, lives throw so many things at us. Many times, the things that life throws at us consume every waking corner of our day. The kids need a ride. Dinner remains unprepared and your boss has a folder full of pleasant projects that need attention before 9 a.m. It’s crazy, demanding world we live in.

But in the hustle and bustle of our increasingly demanding world, there’s somewhere we call Home – a place that’s intended to be as warm, nourishing, and refreshing as a mom’s embrace. It may seem cliché, but you need your rest. And nothing gets us there quite like home.

We like to say that a house is just that until it’s been lived in. Sure, it seems obvious, but making our spaces a home is a completely different undertaking. It’s about creating a space, a refuge, or a landing spot for you and your family. It’s the proverbial and pun-intended „home base.“ It’s the future backdrop to notable events and very special moments – with or without pictures to prove it.

Enter our blog at Omni Home Ideas… well, technically, if you’re reading this you already have! It’s a little peek into what makes all of us at Omni Home Ideas wake up each and every morning; helping others make their spaces extra-special. We make houses, homes. How?

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We think home improvement doesn’t need to break your budget. We think DIY projects can build great family relationships. And most important, we believe in sharing the very best tips, tricks and products to help get you there – efficiently, affordably and with that smile we all love.

You deserve it.

So, while they say, „Home is Where the Heart Is“, we believe that home is where every story begins. If you’re passionate about the nest that you call home, join us at Omni Home Ideas. We’re here to help. And to prove it, and for that lovely (and confused) young lady I met earlier at the hardware store,

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