Editorial and Review Process

Disclaimer: Our readers play a huge role in supporting us. We want you to know that your clicks on our recommendations sometimes help us make money.

OmniHomes is all about safe and healthy living. We are dedicated to sharing honest reviews and valuable insights to help our readers create a safe home environment. We provide this service without any charges and earn through affiliate commissions from some of the brands we mention.

However, we only recommend products that we genuinely endorse and like, while honestly informing our audience if a product is not par. Our reviews are based on authenticity and keeping the best of your interests in mind. We have expert editors and writers on board who help us pass on valuable and credible information while ranking different products and services.

How We Pick the Products and Services We Recommend

We have a standard method for testing and reviewing each product or service. We look at several factors to fulfill the criteria of an in-depth recommendation.

This includes:

  • Features: We consider and list all the main features provided in the product or service as well as how they function. All the features offered in the basic or premium plans are mentioned in our reviews. A comparison with competitors is also included to inform the readers even better. 
  • Price: The total cost of the service and the amount of investment as well as the budget it caters to. Hidden costs are also taken into account such as electricity consumption, internet speed, and charges, etc,
  • Worth: A deep analysis of the initial cost and the returns customers get over time such as features, benefits, pros, cons that come with short and long-term use.
  • Product Quality: Another important evaluation we make is about the quality of the product. Starting from its build, the material used, functioning, as well as durability. 
  • Ease of Use: One important question we answer in our reviews is how easy to install, use and set up a product is. 
  • Availability: Who has access to this product or service? Who is the target audience for it? How and where can you find it?
  • Customer Experience: An evaluation of how customers rate the product and what experiences did they have with it.
  • Customer Support: How does the company assist its customers, such as handling complaints and warrantees or refund/exchange/repair/maintenance services offered.
  • Brand Reputation: We evaluate how the brand fares in the eyes of customers, critics, and third-party industry experts. 
  • Privacy: A product or service is also tested for the level of security and privacy it provides to users such as passcodes, scanners. We carefully weigh the chances of security breaches and how the company responds in such a situation. 
  • Compatibility: Integration is another important aspect of a product or service. We also find out if the product can pair and integrate with other products and services to add to customer’s convenience. 

How We Test Products and Services

Hands-on Tests: We put the product or service to test by using it ourselves, at work, at home, and in real situations. This helps us fully evaluate and decide which product works and which does not. These are some main markers we use in our hands-on test:

  • Installation and setup: How easy or difficult it is, how long it takes, and how smooth the process is.
  • Functioning of the product: How well the product or service works and if it lives up to its claims.
  • Features: How many features the product has and how they really perform or benefit the user.
  • Compatilibility: How seamlessly the product integrates with other devices.
  • Mobile app: How well-optimised the application is as well as interface and image quality and alerts.
  • Customer Service: We test the quality and level of assistance provided by the company. We also check how quickly they respond and how friendly and helpful they are. 
  • Comparison Tests: We also compare multiple products belonging to the same category and evaluate the difference in features and functioning.

How We Research Products and Services

Another important part of our editorial process is research. We conduct thorough research in products and services in the following way:

Customer Reports:

We directly get in touch with customers and users to share their experiences with the product or service. Some factors we ask them about are:

  • Quality
  • Functioning
  • Installation
  • Compatibility
  • Mobile App
  • Durability


Another research method we use is surveying a sample of people and asking them what they are looking for in a product or service. We also ask them about their likes, dislikes, and features they would want in the future.

 An additional question is whether they would recommend the product to others and if they would want to use it again. 

Industry Standards; Experts

To complete our research, we also find out about the industry standards regarding a product or service and if they are being met or falling short. In addition, we also consult industry experts and gain their knowledge and their opinions regarding the product or service.

Online Research

Finally, we go through online content such as customer reviews, articles, forums, lists, and the latest specs. This helps us to get a clear picture of the products and services and how good it really is.

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