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The Greene residence is an updated version of the Fireproof House for $5000 that Wright built quite often in this period. It originally had a lot of similarities to the Stockman House in Mason City, Iowa. It was built in 1912 and has been added to and modified significantly over the years.

The Greene House. The hidden front door is in the center, lower part of the photo, behind the wall.

Storrer says that many of the updates to the house were made by Harry Robinson, a draftsman that worked in Wright’s office in the 1920s. A new bedroom wing and a larger dining room were added to the home. One of the interesting features of this house is that it has a full basement.

This is the walkway to the front door.

Part of the new wing that was added to the house

The back of the house and the added wing

Garage looking back at the main house. The family that lives there now likes conversion vans. They’ve got at least 3 vans parked at the house.

Another look at the Greene house from the street in front of the garage. I like the gardens that the current owner has planted.

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