Joseph Bagley House Grand Beach, Michigan

I’m confused and disoriented by the Joseph J. Bagley house in Grand Beach, Michigan. It didn’t have a house number out where it was easy to see, and from the back, There’s only a little bit visible to judge what the house really looked like. I couldn’t really see the house from the beach without trespassing. I chose to repsect the owners privacy. What you see here is pretty much the view that is available. The prairie-like roof line is what really made the house look Wright to me.

Fortunately Storrer has plenty of information on the layout and design of the house. The living room faces out to the sea. There are terraces on each sides with steps that go down to the bit of land above the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan. This home is right above the beach. Adjoining the living room is the guest bedroom to one side, and the dining room on the other. The dining room leads to a wing that has a kitchen, bath and servant’s quarters. The guest bedroom leads to a wing that has two bedrooms and one bath. These two wings surround a grass terrace that is 6-10 feet above street level at the back of the house. The wall that you see in the photo below goes around that grass terrace.

Storrer describes the changes that have gone into the house in pretty good detail. The casement windows have been changed to plate glass. The interior visible studs have been panelled in and insulation added in the walls and roof. Heat and air conditioning were added so that the house could be lived in year round.

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