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This home was one of the ones that was extremely difficult to see from the street.  I ended up viewing it only by driving in the neighborhoods behind the home and using a telephoto lens to get a view of the house through the trees.

Obscured view of the Wall House

This is yet another of the homes that was once owned by Thomas Monaghan (owner of Domino’s Pizza).  According to Thomas Heinz’ book “The Frank Lloyd Wright Field Guide,” it was to be part of Mr. Monagham’s Frank Lloyd Wright Study Center.  In the late 80’s it was sold to the current owners who use it as their personal residences.

“View” of the house from the street.

The home was designed on a hexagonal grid with many different wings off it for a nursery, terrace, guest room and carport.  Built in 1941, it got its nickname, “Snowflake” from the hexagonal design.

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