Monona Terrace, Madison, Wisconsin

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Peter Beers*
Written By Peter Beers*

Hi Julia!!!!

I wanted to start off that way because it puts the focus whereit should be on this tour.  Julia was our tour guide.  This woman wasincredible.  She’s a volunteer and had more enthusiasm for Monona Terraceand Wisconsin than anyone I’ve ever met.  It really came through in the 90minutes that she spent showing us around.

Monona Terrace at night.

Another night picture.  Monona Terrace is at the left.

Wright originally designed the building as a million square footcivic center with municipal buildings and a 150 foot overhang over the lake backin 1938.  After 8 revisions and almost 60 years, it was completed in1997.

The photos show off the building much more than my wordscan.  Enjoy. :)

Front of Monona Terrace

Black and white of Parking Spiral

Fountain and lights on the roof.  The fountain was addeda few years later thanks to the generous corporate donation.

Lights along the lake.

Looking back towards the roof.

The front from the other side of the the terrace.

The lights and the fountain

The fountain and the Capitol

Wright’s tile on the roof.

Once you walk inside, you’re welcomed with a building that hassome wonderful subtleties to it that show that it was originally a Wrightdesign.  Much of the interior is somewhat subdued.  It does not reachout and grab you…. announcing that it is a Wright building.  I kind oflike that.

Entrance Arch

Entrance Arch from the other side

Meeting room lights.  The originals were made in thedesigner’s basement.

Dome and stairway

Dome and stairway again… its too beautiful to only have onephoto. :)

The tribute to Mr. Wright near the gift shop.

The auditorium.

I liked the lighting in the auditorium

I really liked the colors too

The terrace looks out onto the lake. This is the cafe.

Otis Redding died in a plane crash in lake Monona.  Thistribute to the King of the Soul Singers is on the roof.

Laura and Lisa posing in front of the lake.

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Written by Peter Beers*

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