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The Barton House from the street

The George Barton House was built in 1903 and was the first home built as part of the Darwin Martin home complex.  It was built for Martin’s sister and brother-in-law.  This was Martin’s way of testing the waters of having Wright as an architect before he committed to building his main home.

The home was inhabited continuously until it was purchased by the Darwin Martin House Preservation group in the 1980s.  For that reason it is in remarkably good shape when compared to its much larger next door neighbor.

The Barton house is currently used as the visitor center for the Darwin Martin House.  It contains the book store and gift shop.  It is included in the tour of the Martin complex.  It is a beautiful home that explores many different features of a prairie style house.  The banded windows, large overhanging eaves as well as the prominent fireplace make it stand out as a prairie design.

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Written by Peter Beers*

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