Aline Barnsdale Hollyhock House Los Angeles, California

Aline Barnsdale “Hollyhock” House: Los Angeles, California

The front door.

The saddest thing about this page is that this is the only one of my photos of the Hollyhock house that I still have.  I had two rolls of film that were misplaced by the lab that printed them.  I lost all my photos of The Hollyhock house, the Ennis Brown House and La Miniatura.

Built in 1917, the Hollyhock house was an interesting collaboration between Aline Barnsdale and Frank Lloyd Wright.  They were both very powerful personalities and it really showed in their relationship.  From what I’ve read, they did not get along very well and in the end came to the mutual decision that they wouldn’t continue their business relationship.

None-the-less, the home that Wright built for her is gorgeous.  It would be cold and damp in the winter, hot and stuffy in the summer, but it is not any less beautiful as a result.  I’m not sure anyone could actually live there.

The home is currently under a major renovation.  Much of the concrete and stucco work needs help.  Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly did a wonderful article on its restoration this year.

More photos will follow when I’ve had a chance to visit LA again.

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