William And Mary Palmer Residence Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Palmer House is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan near the University of Michigan.  It is absolutely beautiful.  The high bands of windows in many of the rooms that face the street emphasize the very unique triangular grid plan of the house.

The dramatic view of the back of the Carport from the street

The shape of the roof makes this a very beautiful view up at the tool shed that is attached to the far end of the carport.  The home was built for a professor of Mathematics at the University of Michigan in 1950.  The home is constructed of a mixture of brick and cypress

The natural landscaping around the home.

Either this home was built very carefully so as not to disturb the trees, or the owners made a HUGE effort to return the sides of the hill to look as though the house was never there.  It really makes the home look like it belongs along the crest of the hill.

A small glimpse of the private side of the house

The home is quite deceptive when you look at it where it sits in comparison to the plans that I’ve seen.  The plans make it look like a triangular core with a wing that juts off for the bedroom wing and another that goes off for the carport.  When you see the home from the road that goes around the hill that it is placed upon, it seems to be expansive, with wings going off in every direction.

Palmer house carport

Small peek at the bedroom windows

This home is extremely beautiful.  It is one of my favorites.   This home is really beautiful from every angle that you can see.  It fits perfectly on its site.  It gives the public a small view of the beauty and drama of the home without losing any privacy.

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