Nathan Moore House Oak Park, Illinois

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Its hard to walk the streets around Wright’s Home and Studio and NOT notice the Nathan Moore house.  It is one of his most distinctive designs.  First built in 1895, Wright affectionately referred to its design as “Hans Christian Anderson”.  Wright was invited back to update the house and do a re-design in 1923 after the home was involved in a fire.

Nathan Moore House taken at night.

One of the docents on a recent tour of Oak Park mentioned that the Mr. Moore asked for a particular design of house.  He liked the highly pitched roofs with steep gables.  According to this guide, Mr. Wright was seriously in need of money, having recently split with Louis Sullivan’s firm, and came up with a design that met Mr. Moore’s needs and tastes.

When rebuilding the home, he incorporated many designs and techniques he’d used in the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo which he was working on at the time.

Nathan Moore House by day.

Back Gable Detail: May, 2003

Back yard detail: May, 2003

Side facing Forest Ave. May, 2003

Side Detail: May, 2003

Front Sidewalk View: May, 2003

Entry Side: May, 2003

Entry side: May, 2003

Brick Detail: May, 2003

Window detail: May, 2003

Sidewalk Detail: May, 2003

Wall Globe detail: May, 2003

Back yard Detail: May, 2003

Side from Forest Ave: May, 2003

Back of guest house.  Notice the difference in styling.  This part of the home didn’t burn.  May, 2003

Larger view of the back of the guest house: May, 200

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Written by Peter Beers*

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