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The John Haynes house is a small Usonian home in a quiet neighborhood near Fort Wayne Indiana. My wife and I just drove by and snapped a few photos.

Haynes house from the street

Closer shot. You can see a little glow from the Clerestory windows.

View from the driveway. The car color needs to match the brick a little closer. ;)

Looking at the livingroom windows from the street

Better view of the living room windows.

Built in 1952, the Haynes house is located on a very large lot. According to Storrer, the home was a 3 bedroom that the family outgrew pretty quickly. Mr. Haynes then built the rather cool looking home next door. The new home (that I didn’t photograph) has a flat roof and clerestory windows, but all of the exterior walls are curved and the home appears to be almost circular.

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