Gerald B. Tonkens Residence Amberley Village, Ohio

The Gerald Tonkens House is a beautiful concrete block house in the suburbs North of Cincinnati.  You can tell that the owners are enjoying their Wright home because they’ve painted their driveway Cherokee red to match the gate that leads to their house.  You can also tell that the owners also like their privacy.  A lot of this was done in the design of the house.

Tonkens Driveway

As I’ve observed with many other Wright homes, they are designed for privacy.  This house definitely fits that bill.  There isn’t a clear vantage point of this house from anywhere off the property.  The “No Tresspassing” sign half way up the drive was enough to say that the owners didn’t want me snooping around taking photos.  I’m not surprised.  I wouldn’t want me around either. :)

Tonkens Gate

The owners seem to have taken very good care of the house.  All of the concrete block that I could see was in great shape and looked well maintained.

Tonkens House through the woods.

As is obvious from the above photo, even the neighbors don’t get a very good view of the Tonkens house.

Tonkens House from the driveway

Built in 1954, this is one of Wright’s Usonian Automatic houses.  The long axis of the house faces south and the many windows catch the winter sun, lighting main living space and dining room.

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