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The way I travelled on this road trip roughly followed the path that Mr. Wright took in designing these homes and buildings. As I read through the guide books to get addresses and information about the homes, I noticed that many of them are very close together in chronology. The Fabyan remodeling is no different. It was done in 1907 for a man that Storrer describes as a amateur cryptographer that trained US forces during WWI.

The remodeled home is quite Wright.

The home is easily visible from the street. I’ve read that it is sometimes open to the public. There were no trespassing signs at the entrance, so I didn’t go in. Next time.

Mr. Fabyan also had Wright design and build a country club the same year quite near his home. The building was destroyed by fire a few years after its completion.

Bury those power lines!!!

The side view of the Fabyan Villa

Not much of the original building survives the remodeling. Wright changed the whole look of it. It is in the process of being restored to Wright’s specifications.

Is that another Frank Lloyd Wright chicken coop?

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