Beth Sholom Synagogue Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

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Early Spring, 2001 visit April 2006 visit

We visited Beth Sholom in the early spring of 2001.  Thiswas part of our first FLW road trip with my friend John.  He’s now hookedand has made 3 other trips with us.  That is amazing since this trip didnot go as well as planned.  We tried to go to Falling Water, but it wasonly open for viewing from outside since they were doing construction in thehouse.  We did manage to take an in-depth tour of Kentuck Knob (the Haganhouse) and had a great drive across rural Pennsylvania.

Funky camera angle on the front of the building.

The other unfortunate thing about this trip was that the BethSholom Synagogue was not open for tours that day.  I’d called ahead and theperson I spoke with assured me that even though it was a Christian holiday, thesynagogue would be open for tours.  SHE LIED TO ME!!!  Well, I’m notreally that offended… It gives us an excuse to make another trip later thisyear.

John pressing his face to the front door glass.

The synagogue is beautiful on the inside and out.  Therewasn’t much I could do about taking pictures inside since the closest we couldget was pressing our faces against the door.  We could see the colorful chandelierin the main part of the building.  I imagine on a sunny day, the wholeinterior lights up.  We’ll see it soon.

The back from the parking lot.

Built in 1957, the synagogue is located in a beautifulneighborhood in the northern suburbs of Philly.  It is well worth thevisit.  Just make sure they’re actually doing tours on the day you arethere. ;)

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Written by Peter Beers*

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