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Arizona Biltmore Hotel: Phoenix, Arizona

Though not officially a Wright building, it is definitely Wright influenced and he was said to have been consulted on the design.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…

Arizona Biltmore Lobby

This hotel was very beautiful and absolutely huge.  The main building is expansive and easy to get lost in.  The conference rooms were a bit over-decorated and really quite overpowering.  I’m guessing no business people fell asleep in them.

Even the swimming pool is impressive.

The swimming pool and cabanas were all beautifully designed and nicely appointed.  They  had a big water slide and waterfall that went between the two spires at the far end o f the pool.

Lisa with the textile blocks.

Most of the interior was wonderfully decorated.  The lobby and entryway were very nice.  I particularly liked the art glass and textile blocks.

Laura and Lisa with Biltmore art glass.

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