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Testing the Roof of the Heath House for leaks

Why is it that it ALWAYS rains when I visit Buffalo???  As you can see from these photos, it was pouring rain when I photographed the William R. Heath house.  This house is in a VERY fancy neighborhood.  It was built in 1905 on a long, narrow lot on a large traffic circle.  That pretty much insured that nothing would be built in front of it.  The front porch, living room and upper band of art glass windows face the circle and provide the view.

Looking at the porch from the park.

The home is built from red brick that Thomas Heinz suspects in his book “The Vision of Frank Lloyd Wright” may have came from the same batch that were used for the Larking building.

Porch close-up with the living room to the left.

The private side of the house (away from the street) is quite crowded by the home next door.  The Prairie style house has many windows on the side that faces away from the street, but remains much less open on the public side.

Windows are higher and fewer on the street side.

This end of the house has become a Doctor’s office.

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