William Martin House Oak Park, Illinois

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William Martin was a significant person in Mr. Wright’s career. Not only did he have a beautiful home in Oak Park built by Mr. Wright, but he also was the middle man that got Mr. Wright in contact with Darwin Martin, Willian’s brother. Darwin Martin was involved with the commission of 6 or 7 more Wright buildings.

Front of the Martin house

Built in 1909, The William Martin poperty originally took up the lot next door to it with its gardens. The pergola was demolished and the gardens were limited. The home is still stunningly beautiful.

Another front view

People waited in line for over an hour to see the William Martin House

The home has not only been well maintained, but it has also been recently renovated. Like many Wright homes in Oak Park, it has a beautiful kitchen that has been quite tastefully modernized. The interior is imaculate as you might expect for a home on the Wright Plus tour.

Looking at the three floors of the William Martin House

Walkway lighting

Looking at the entry to the William Martin House

The gate of discovery

The Front Door

The gardens as they exist today

Another view of the garden

The side porch.

Looking down the stairs off the porch

Looking in the garden

The back of the William Martin House

The bedroom Windows and the side porch

The beautiful side porch

The whole back yard

The walkway out to the street

A close-up of the front

Photos from Wright Plus 2003

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Written by Peter Beers*

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