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Raymond Carleson House, Phoenix, Arizona

This home is currently up for sale.  It is Gorgious.  If I had a million laying around and could stand living in Phoenix year round, I’d be in business!!!

The house and landscaping are gorgious.

These people definitely like their privacy.  I almost felt guilty for snapping photos of their house.  They have a big electric gate and two large dogs that make a lot of noise when anyone comes near.  There are high hedges planted all the way around the fence that make it difficult for anyone to see in.  Since no-one was obviously home, I reached up and snapped this next photo.  It is well worth it.  It really shows off how wonderful this house is and how perfectly it integrates with its surroundings.

I love the sculpture next to the pool.

We almost called the real estate agent to see if we could tour the place.  I figured that was pushing our luck though.  It was Sunday afternoon and we were leaving town the next day.  It didn’t help that we were all three pretty grubby too.

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