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This house is one of 2 PERFECT Wright homes on the tour.  Originally built in 1908, it was renovated and updated by William Drummond in 1922.  The amazing thing about this home is that Wright came back to the house in 1958 to renovate and re-design the home. 

isabel roberts house 01

It started life as a wood and stucco home.  Drummond changed it to a brick home and moved the doorway so it was not hidden in the “path of discovery” that Wright was so famous for.    When Wright remodeled it again in 1958, he moved the door back to its original location amongst many other changes. 

isabel roberts house 02

The woodwork was changed to a blonde mohogany.  The ceiling is designed to match the stepped shape of the roof.   The veranda was enclosed to add balance to the cruciform shape of the house.  It also was closed around a tree.  Look below at the level of effort that was made to incorporate nature into the home.

isabel roberts house 03

All the original diamond patterned glass is still perfectly intact.    In 2000, a garage was added at the back of the house.  It reflects the original architecture perfectly.

isabel roberts house 04

Front View in May, 2003

  This home is one of the 10 best Wright homes I’ve ever seen.  When you take into account that Wright revisited the design in a whole different era of his career.  The “late Prairie style” home was completely re-done with a eusonian flair.  Amazing.  Pictures and words are totally inadequate to appreciate this house.  It must be seen in person.

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