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Down the street from the Visitor’s center is the Thomas house.  This is one of the homes that I would LOVE to tour.   Built in 1901, it was the first prairie style home built in Oak Park.

The Thomas House: Will we get to tour it next year?? Stay tuned!

William Allin Storrer adds historical background and analysis to this house in his book “The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion.” The home was commissioned by James C. Rogers for his daughter and son-in-law.  This home is the first true Prairie home that was built in Oak Park.  The happy couple did not live in the house for a long time before moving out and selling it.  The “L” pattern home is an extreme example of Wright placing the basement above ground.  This home is much taller than most 2 story homes as a result.

Wing facing street: May, 2003

Side of the house: May, 2003

Art Glass and Cell Tower Protest sign: May, 2003

Offset front entrance: May, 2003

Whole house from North: May, 2003

Living wing: May, 2003

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