Francis And Mary Little Residence #1 Peoria, Illinois

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Peter Beers*
Written By Peter Beers*

There are a few clients that commissioned more than one building from Mr. Wright. I find their stories quite interesting. As I made my way up through central Illinois in the spring of 2004, I found myself in Peoria, Illinois to see the Little’s first Wright home that was built in 1902, and added to years later. According to Storrer, the Little’s ran into financial trouble not long after moving into the home and only lived in it for less than a year. A decade later the Little’s built a second home designed by Wright in Minnisota.

Front view of the Little I residence

A closer look at the closed in veranda and the front door.

I love the glass work over the front door. It reminds me of the Dana house that was built two years later. I love Mr. Wright’s arched doorways. In a prairie style home, they look really beautiful.

Side of the Little Residence. You can see the side of the stable in the left of this photo.

The third owners (the Clarke family) made Wright-designed alterations to the stable.

Side view of the house… this shows the closed in veranda.

A rear view of the stable. I love the way Wright continually builds right up to the lot line. There isn’t an inch of land outside the wall of the stable

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Written by Peter Beers*

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