First Christian Church, Phoenix, Arizona

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Peter Beers*
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First Christian Church, Phoenix, Arizona

We planned our visit to this church PERFECTLY!!!  We were coming from Brunch at the Biltmore hotel, so we were dressed nicely (Usually when we travel, we look like slobs.  I don’t know why, since we don’t normally look like slobs at home.  It just sort of works out that way).  We arrived at the church about 30 minutes after everyone had cleared out from Sunday morning services.  The only people around were the minister and his family.  PERFECT!!!!  We got a grand tour of the church given by the minister’s 13 year old daughter, Gretchen.  She knew a lot about the church and its history.  She also had some great suggestions for how Mr. Wright could have improved on his design.  We got a very good introduction to their church and the great works they do for the community.  If you get a chance to visit Phoenix, don’t miss this church.  Call ahead and make an appointment to have a tour.  They’re very open to people wanting to see their beautiful building, but they would like to have a little notice so they can schedule someone there to show you around.

Front of Church

From the parking lot.

From the street.  Great sky, eh?

Bell Tower.

As impressive as the outside of the church is, it is the inside that really catches the eye.



The skylights and the way the alter is set up is really quite beautiful.  I think the posters on either side of the alter take away from the beauty of the building, but they serve the purposes of the congregation.

Gretchen giving us a concert to demonstrate the acoustics.

Yup!  we even got a personal concert from our tour guide.  She played for almost 15 minutes to show off the acoustics of the sanctuary.

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Written by Peter Beers*

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