Arthur Pieper House Phoenix, Arizona

Arthur Pieper House: Phoenix, Arizona

I’m not sure if Arthur is in any relation to Harold Price, but if he is, he did not inherit the same privacy genes that Harold has.  His house is actually visible from the road.  It is hard to tell if the owner is going for a “natural” desert landscaping, or has just neglected the yard.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that it is the former.

Arthur Pieper House

This textile block house looked like it was in very good shape.  Unfortunately there were a lot  of power lines in this neighborhood.  None of the telephone or electrical lines were buried.  That really detracted from the beauty of all the homes in this area.

This was not the most beautiful neighborhood.  It was a little run down and a bit more out in the desert.  That said, the layout of the house looked really great and it looked like it would be a comfortable place to live if you could keep it cool.  There were no big trees around to provide any shade at all.

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