Frank Lloyd Wright

Johnson Wax Building, Wisconsin

I’veadmired Edgar Tafel since I read his book about his years at the TaliesinFellowship, Apprentice to Genius.  Heworked with Wright at possibly the most exciting time of his career. Tafel was involved in the design and building of Fallingwater and theJohnson Wax building… two of my favorite Wright buildings.  describes the Johnson Wax building like this: …

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Hillside School II, Wisconsin

Hillside II from the parking area On the left is the gallery and dining area. On the right, over the bridge is the drafting room and more gallery space. Storrer has a lot to say about Hillside II. He documents the transformations of Hillside over the years. Hillside I was arguably Wright’s first real commission, …

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Midway Barns Wisconsin

Midway barns from the road between Hillside and Taliesin These barns have had many forms over the years. The most recent incarnation was built between 1938 and 1947. These were used as barns for the Taliesin apprentices for the work they did on the fields on the property. They contained dairy barns, pig pens and …

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Monona Terrace, Madison, Wisconsin

Hi Julia!!!! I wanted to start off that way because it puts the focus whereit should be on this tour.  Julia was our tour guide.  This woman wasincredible.  She’s a volunteer and had more enthusiasm for Monona Terraceand Wisconsin than anyone I’ve ever met.  It really came through in the 90minutes that she spent showing …

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