Kidde Fire Escape Ladder Review

When it comes to constructions and buildings, fire escape ladders are what you should never forget as you cannot predict the future. Fire outbreaks and other calamities are unpredictable, and it is crucial to remain prepared for such issues.

Fire emergency escape ladders offer a safe way to escape in the event of fire outbreak in your premises.

The Kidde Fire Escape Ladder consumes less space and is storable. Besides, it grapples on the edge of the frame of your window and unfurls robust metallic ladder handles to give room for a safe and secure escape from any fire outbreaks.

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This fire escape ladder is specially designed for people living in around two or three-story buildings that may be at high risk, particularly at times of fire outbreaks. Many people usually buy and safely store the fire escape ladder in their houses as a safety precaution in case of any possible fire outbreaks.

It is crucial for you to purchase several fire escape ladders and store them in various rooms in your house to avoid getting stuck in a smoky burning house.

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Kidde Fire Escape Ladder

The Kidde fire escape ladder is one of the lightweight ladders you can use at a time of fire outbreak. The ladder measures approximately 7.8lb and are 13 long. When the weight is distributed in a number of rungs, the ladder can support up to 1000 pounds of weight. However, when the weight is only distributed on a single level, it helps a pressure of about 750 pounds.


The Kidde fire escape ladder comes with a five-year manufacturer’s limited warranty and incases it has defaulted, you can return it where you purchased it and got an immediate replacement or a refund. The Kidde ladder is ideal for people that live in story buildings, particularly on 2 or 3 story ones. People living on ground floors may opt to purchase it though it never necessary as they can safely escape fire through emergency doors. The product is great for you as it prevents you from burning out in the house in case of a fire outbreak.

Features of the Kidde Fire Escape Ladder

The fire escape ladder has a vast number of features that enable it to serve its primary purpose efficiently. It is ranked as one of the best fire escape ladders of all time thanks to its durable nature as well as ability to support a lot of weight in its users. Among its significant features are as explained below:

  • Tangle-free design: the tangle-free design enables you to set the ladder faster and get out of the burning house quickly and safely.
  • Ample length: the ladder measures 13, which is a perfect length that enables you and your entire family escape safely in case of an emergency.
  • Unflappable zinc steel rungs: the steel rungs in the ladder are ideal for a secure footing, and they ensure that you do not get hurt whenever you land.
  • Easy to attach to most windows: the ladder is designed in a unique way that allows you to quickly connect it to your window in case of a fire outbreak, hence escape and land quickly.
  • No tools or assembly: the fire escape ladder is usually assembled for you on the purchase and is generally ready for use. As a result, you do not need to worry about setting it up whenever there is an afire outbreak in your apartments. This feature is great as it avoids time consumption as you try to assemble it, which would instead lead you to burn out in your house.
  • Ideal for 2 and three story buildings: the extended length of the ladder serves a great deal to you in case you live in a 2 or three-story building as you can quickly land down away from your burning house without having to worry about the distance of your home to the land.

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Kidde Fire Escape Ladder Benefits

The Kidde Fire Escape ladder has some benefits that have enabled it to serve its users sufficiently. Among the significant advantages of the fire escape ladder include:

  • Lightweight: the ladder is less dense, and this ensures that you do not tire up faster as you try to attach it to the window. Besides, this also enables you to land down quickly without having to suffer supporting yourself on a sturdy and hard ladder.
  • Easy to use: the fire escape ladder is usually already installed for you, and as a result, you do not need to read the manual as it is easy to hook up to your window and land safely. If you ever encounter trouble in usage, be sure to check our how to use fire escape ladder guide.
  • Affordable: the price of the fire escape ladder is one of its most significant advantages, which attracts its buyers. It comes at a relatively low cost which makes it ideal for you to purchase as many ladders of its kind, as you can and store them in your house just in case of a fire outbreak.
  • Durable: the materials used in the making of the fire escape ladder area of high quality and durable material. As a result, they serve you a long time and are not prone wear and tear. Besides, you are assured of save landing as you do not have to worry about the ladder cutting off.
  • Stores compactly: the simple design of the ladder enables you to store it safely without it consuming a lot of space in your house. As a result, you can purchase a number of the fire escape ladders as you can store them together in-house without having to worry about the space that they are likely to consume.


Kidde Fire Escape Ladder Drawbacks

  • One time use: the fire escape ladder is only designed for a one time use, and this renders it unfit for conducting your fire escape drills.
  • The hook may not be compatible with your window: the hooks of the ladder may not fit into your window, and as a result, it is crucial to test it on your window or ask your seller about its compatibility with your window.

The Kidde Fire Escape Ladder is ideal for your safety in case of a fire outbreak and it is crucial to have several of the ladders in different rooms of your house for easy and fast access during an emergency.

The ample length of the ladder as well as its compatibility which most windows makes it ideal for you to land safely and escape fire.

The ladder has served a great deal to a significant number of individuals due to its impeccable features and is heavily reliable. You should therefore click here to check the Kidde Fine Escape Ladder out:

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