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Best Home Fire Escape Ladder Reviews

Finding the best fire escape ladder for your home can be a very challenging task because safety in emergency cases is the most important for everyone.

So how you should decide?

Ideally you need a model that fits your home height (2, 3 or 4 story), it can be easily fixed to your window and it is durable to maintain heavy weight.

I have researched over 20 available models, and have picked the Hausse Retractable 3 story fire escape ladder as #1 choice for home use and in emergency and safety situations.

4 story fire escape ladder

It’s great value for the money invested, an Amazon bestseller with more than 6 hundred 5-star reviews, with a retractable ladder hook, and is certainly the best fire escape ladder, a must-have for every home.

The price will depend on the height of your home building, but still, it should be the best deal on Amazon:

Top 6 Fire Escape Ladders in 2022

Below, I reveal to you the reviews of the best fire escape ladder picks for 2022.

2 Story Fire Escape Ladder

Hausse Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder, 13 Feet
  • The hooks secure the ladder to the window frame or to the sill of most windows and won’t slip off. The ladder hook is RETRACTABLE, please extend the ladder hook at both ends to the maximum when using.
  • No assembly or tools are required, easy to use and fast to deploy, built for emergencies.
  • Strong and durable escape ladder, slip-resistant rungs provide a steady foothold, can escape quickly and easily.
  • Tested for up to 1000 lbs, it extends to 13 feet for use in second-story rooms.
  • Comes with a red canvas bag for easily stored under a bed or near a window.

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2 story fire escape ladder

The 2 story fire escape ladder by Hausse is one of the equipment that brings a lot of ease in case of fire in your house, apartment, or office as its perfectly made to fit a majority of windows.

With the ladder solely designed for emergencies, the manufacturer built the 13 feet long equipment making it small, durable, easy to use, and lightweight.

The Easy Escape ladder comes with a lifetime warranty giving you peace of mind and a red storage bag ensuring its properly stored at all time when not in use.

The ladder can hold up to 1000 lbs, thus, it has been made to carry a number of people in case of emergency situations making it a perfect fit for offices and apartments. The Easy Escape ladder is however not very suitable for building more than two-story long.

Features and Benefits

You have so many benefits to accrue from having this fire escape ladder. With the ladder bringing in top-notch features, they all add up to one important factor, Your safety! Some of the features include:

  • Durable and lightweight. The ladder is easy to carry around when moving out and has been made to last giving you a lifetime warranty. This ensures you can always count on it when an emergency occurs without a doubt.
  • The escape ladder is 13 ft long and can hold up to 1000 lbs. The long nature makes it suitable for use in a majority of home bringing much safety. I mean, you won’t have to jump from your balcony next time there is an emergency! It’s also able to hold a number of people at once which is very vital as it will help rescue and save lives.
  • It comes with a storage bag. Well, how and where you store the ladder is vital. Thus, the manufacturer has made a storage bag to ensure its well stored at all time for durability purposes.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use.
  • Its lightweight and highly durable.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee.
  • There is no assembly required.
  • It comes with a storage bag.
  • The ladder may not fit all windows, so be sure to double check the dimensions.

The Easy Fire Escape Ladder is must-have equipment as it greatly helps combat the possible dangers fire might pose to your family or colleagues. However, taking precautionary measures in your home or office will always be the best solution ensuring the risk of fires is minimal at all times. Escape ladder is lightweight, can hold a number of people and gives much ease of use. This makes it the perfect choice for you to escape from a fire incident immediately. With the ladder, your safety comes first and is guaranteed!

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3 Story Fire Escape Ladder

ResQLadder Fire Escape Ladder, 3 Story Portable Emergency Escape Ladder, 25-Foot with Sleeves on Chain, FL25SL
  • Portable; no installation necessary
  • Tested to support over 1000 lbs.
  • Designed to fit standard windowsill
  • Easy to install or remove standoffs provide added stability for every rung while allowing flexibility to avoid a variety of wall obstructions or hazards
  • 100% Made in USA

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ResQLadder 3 STORY

The 3 story fire escape ladder by ResQLadder is one piece of equipment that has been specially designed for emergency escapes whether in your business, office, home or apartment, specifically in upper stories.

Every second is highly significant in case of emergencies! Right?

The ResQLadder has been designed to ensure you safely and quickly exit a fire or any other threatening emergency.

The Ladder has been manufactured in the USA making it very strong, it can hold up to 1000 lbs thus its suitable for use by a number of persons at the same time.

To make it even stronger, it has 2/0 double-loop chain which extends on both sides of the ladder vertically, a rung, and 18/20-standard hooks making it very firm.ResQLadder comes with a corrugated box, standoffs, fire-escape planner, sleeves, a box handles, and a detailed set of instructions ensuring your safety comes first. With a lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that the durable ladder will work great for you for a long time.

Features and Benefits

With the ResQLadder bringing in top-notch features, there are so many benefits you will accrue from using the equipment which all add up to one important thing, Your Safety! Some of the features include:

  • It comes with plastic sleeves. The ladder chain has been covered with plastic sleeves which help give you maximum comfort. The durable sleeves greatly ensure your hands are not injured while descending, especially for children who may be sensitive.
  • The ResQLadder has pre-installed and customizable standoffs. The standoffs are made to increase stability while using the ladder in special walls. Thus, you are able to descend from the building quickly after installing the standoffs when needed.
  • It can hold up to 1000 lbs and measures 25 feet long. With the ladder being long enough to be used in upper stories, it has also been designed to hold a number of people at the same time, this makes it just the perfect fire rescue equipment for your home or office.
  • checkResQLadder brings in a fire-safety planner, instructions, and a corrugated box. To ensure you are able to exit the emergency situation as first as possible, you are provided with a set of clear instructions on how to use the ladder and details on how to combat and escape the life-threatening situations safely. The corrugated box helps ensure you store the ladder safely lengthening its lifetime.

Pros and Cons

  • It’s easy to install and use.
  • It’s highly durable.
  • It comes with plastic sleeves which help enhance comfort.
  • It ladder is covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • No assembly required.
  • The Ladder is reusable
  • The ladder is designed to fit only standard windows.

ResQLadder fire escape ladder is a must-have equipment! It’s a perfect escape from fire incidences guaranteeing your family and colleagues maximum safety. However, it’s advisable that we take precautionary measures in our homes and businesses to reduce the possible occurrences of fire. With a ladder measuring 25 feet long and designed to fit standard windows. It’s the perfect equipment as you are able to descend high story buildings very fast. The pre-installed standoffs are also designed to bring in much ease and safety.

4 Story Fire Escape Ladder

X-IT 4 Story (33') Emergency Fire Escape Ladder
  • Award Winning: Safest, Strongest, Smallest, Lightest, Easiest To Use Emergency Ladder
  • Fits all window and wall sizes by securing to window sill & includes storage bag
  • Exceeds ASTM F2175 safety standards including UL
  • Multi Use for Safe Practice + use it in a documented emergency X-IT will replace it
  • Fox News independently tested emergency ladders and recommended X-IT as the best

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4 story fire escape ladder

The 4 story fire escape ladder is an X-IT award-winning ladder and one of the safest, smallest, lightest, strongest, and easiest escape ladders. Statistics show that 80 percent of the deaths from fire usually occur in the home setting.

This ladder is an ideal solution for enabling you and your family get out of the home in the shortest time possible during an emergency.

The ladder folds up small and comes with a bag that enables easier storage. It can be hooked on a windowsill and instantly unfolded to facilitate quicker escape.

Features, Benefits & Drawbacks

Some of the features that this ladder comes with include:

  • Strong materials. This ladder has been from materials that can withstand a weight capacity of 1000 pounds. The grapple hooks have been made from steel while the rungs are of aircraft grade aluminum material. The straps have been made from industrial grade nylon material.
  • 33-foot length. X-IT produces different sizes of the ladder for different height requirements. For this ladder, the length is 33 feet which are sufficient enough to move you from a 4-story building. Despite its length, this ladder weighs about 12 pounds and can be folded to fit all window sizes.
  • Flame resistant. The ladder has been designed in a way that meets the required fire safety standards. This includes the UL and ASTM F2175 standards. This makes it one of the best emergency escape ladder.
  • Designed for various wall thicknesses. This ladder can be easily secured using the window sill to be used on all wall sizes. It uses a grapple hook system which works well on various types of windows including the deeper ones. It also stands on a brace that places it away from the wall to ensure safe and stable descent.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Fits all wall thickness and window widths
  • 50 percent lighter than most ladders in its category
  • 15 year limited warranty
  • Quick deployment, no tangle
  • The design of the escape bag doesn’t feel secure for kids
  • The Velcro fastener looks flimsy
  • It is small and narrow


If you need a durable escape ladder that is easy to use, then this is the great option to go for. The ladder can be stored easily and can also be assembled quickly in times of emergency. This ladder has been independently tested and recommended to be the best.

Kidde Fire Escape Ladder

Kidde Fire Escape Ladder, 3-Story Rope Ladder, Extends to 25-Feet, Anti-Slip Rungs
  • Easy to use fire ladder - attaches quickly to most common windows (up to 11 inches deep & 16 inches wide) before rungs are released - works on casement windows
  • No assembly required
  • Flame resistant, durable & sturdy, foldable ladder - tested to 1,000 pounds
  • Tangle-free design for fast & easy deployment in an emergency
  • High quality, zinc-plated, 1-foot wide, anti-slip rungs for secure footing & a confident descent

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kidde 3 story

The Kidde Escape Ladder is uniquely designed to provide a perfect means of escape from home fires for those who live in two or three story home.

The ladder gives you and your loved ones a comfortable and quick escape.

You can easily store the Kidde Escape Ladder near the window, under the bed for easy access and use and bring your family to safety in case of emergency.

For more information, you can read our complete Kidde fire escape ladder review.

Features and Benefits

  • The Kidde Escape Ladder is easy to attach to most windows in your home giving your loved way a secure way of escape in case of fire.
  • It is quite easy to store making it portable to be used in any corner of the house
  • It does not need any assembly tools hence you can efficiently use it in case of an emergency
  • It has a tangle-free design, easy to deploy and light in weight.
  • It is flame resistance making it durable for future use
  • The Kidde Escape Ladder is anti-slip with Zinc-plated rungs offering you a secure holding.

Pros and Cons

  • Its 25ft and ideal for 3-story escape
  • It’s durable and strong
  • The product has five-year limited warranty
  • It can’t hold more than 1000 pounds
  • It’s only used ones
  • Repeated used may lead to death or injury

The Kidde Escape Ladder is a must have in any home since it’s easy to use and give a safe way for you to escape in case of fire emergencies. The ladder is strong and durable with its red nylon straps rails and metal rungs.

First Alert Fire Escape Ladder

First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip, EL52-2, Black
  • Easy to use two story 14' fire escape ladder
  • Fully assembled, ready to use
  • Strong steel construction, tested to 375 pounds
  • DuPont Cordura nylon strapping for extra strength and maximum durability
  • Complies to ASTM standards

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first alert three story

The EL53W-2 quick escape ladder by First Alert is very ideal and a must have tool for most people, especially for individuals living or working in storied apartments or buildings, It is a quick escape tool that can help you prepare and get out of life-threatening situations in one piece.

Made from exceptionally durable steel and Cordura nylon strapping, the EL53W-2 escape ladder is definitely a key and reliable escape tool for you.

In addition, it features extra-wide hooks that will secure the ladder firmly to just about any windowsill.

In addition, it is fitted with slip resistant rungs that provide that extra steady foothold grip making it an ideal way for you to stayed prepared for emergency fires and other emergency situations that might conjure up.

Features and Benefits

  • The EL53W-2 escape ladder comes in two options, a three story option and a two story option, that are 24ft and 16ft respectively.
  • It is also made up of steel and nylon construction that can effectively support weights of up to 375 pounds at a go.
  • It features extended hooks, slip resistant rungs and steel stabilizers that offer a steadier foothold during such panic-filled situations.
  • The ladder comes in one piece that is completely fold-able reducing it to a relatively small size that can be conveniently stored near a quick escape route such as a window.

Pros & Cons

  • It is fold-able and light-weight making it easy to store or even carry around during emergency situations.
  • It is made of exceptionally strong steel making it a more durable and reliable tool for use during emergencies.
  • It has been tested to ASTM standards, further supporting its reliability and performance whenever you require it the most.
  • It features extra wide hooks that can hook on to windows sills measuring up to 20 inches wide.
  • It is fitted with slip resistant rungs coated with epoxy that provide a firmer foot grip as you descend and steel stabilizers that keeps the rungs from swaying.
  • It is not reliable for use to people higher than 3 stories.
  • Cannot support weights of above 380 lbs .

It is vital for every household to have counter measures and tools that they can use to fight their way out of emergency situations. The EL53W-2 escape ladder is a must have tool as it offers a quick, reliable way to quickly get out of life threatening situations such as sudden fires or earthquakes that sometimes wreck havoc on common exit locations and it is good to remain prepared for such calamities.

Window Fire Escape Ladder

Premium Emergency Fire Escape Ladder Two-Story (13-Foot Long) For WINDOWS Only -V Center Support, Flexible & Sturdy Design With Wide Steps. One-Time Use
  • FITS MOST COMMON WINDOW FRAMES: It’ll hook to the window frame or to the sill of most windows securely and won’t slip off.
  • EASY TO USE AND FAST TO DEPLOY: Only weighs 8.4 pounds and It deploys in seconds. Easy to use for older kids or adults, however it’d be a bit heavy for young kids. Each ladder fits easily under a bed or in a closet near the window.
  • STURDY HOOK AND STABLE DESIGN: In case of fire, you can escape quickly and easily using this ladder, because its enhanced stability and hook design.
  • HOLDS UP TO 1,000 POUNDS: This ladder has been tested to 1000 pounds and it works properly when the load is distributed on more than one rung.
  • PERFECT FOR 2-STORY HOMES: It extends to 13 feet for use in second-story rooms

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2 story always prepared

It is advisable to have a fire escape ladder especially if you live or work in an apartment or storey building that has several floors.

These ladders by Always Prepared can be used for emergency cases especially when there is a fire or any other emergency that may require immediate escape.

While there are several brands and offer in the market, not all ladders you come across will meet your requirements. It is advisable to carefully review your options before spending money on a fire escape ladder.

Here is a look at one of the popular premium emergency fire escape ladders in the market including features, pros and cons.

Features & Benefits

When looking for a fire escape ladder, it is important to review the features and determine if they will meet your unique needs. This ladder comes with the following features.

  • Frame Hooks – This fire escape ladder features hooks that allow you to use it in any modern or contemporary window. Its hooks are anti-slip making it secure and reliable for emergency cases.
  • Easy to use – No technical knowledge is required to deploy the ladder. It is also lightweight (only weighing 8.4 pounds) and can be easily carried by an adult or big kids.
  • Average capacity – The fire escape ladder can carry persons of up to 1,000 pounds making it ideal for any person. It also allows you to save a few items in case of a fire.
  • 13 feet length – This ladder is suitable for 2-storey apartments as it stretches 13 feet long. It can be used to safely descend a two-story building when an emergency occurs.

Pros & Cons

  • Very easy to use
  • Sturdy non-slip design
  • Can be used on any window to escape fire accidents
  • Holds up to 1,000 pounds which is ideal for most people
  • Quite affordable
  • As a one-time use model, it is not ideal for family use

Despite its disadvantage, this is an ideal fire escape ladder that can be used to escape a fire accident. It has sturdy hooks and a capacity that accommodates most people. It is important to purchase from reputable distributors that will guarantee original genuine quality from the manufacturer.

How Do Fire Escape Ladders Work?

When a fire breaks out in a high-rise building, the occupants need a way to escape to safety. Fire escape ladders provide an emergency exit from windows on upper floors.

Fire escape ladders are made of metal and are attached to the building with brackets. The ladder is deployed by throwing it out the window and attaching it to the sill. The weight of the ladder keeps it in place against the building.

To use the ladder, occupants climb down to the ground level. The ladder can be used by multiple people at once and can support up to 1,000 pounds.

Tips for Choosing the Best Fire Escape Ladder

Choosing the best fire escape ladders for homes or apartments is an important part of any fire safety plan. With so many to choose from though, many people are seeking reviews, tips, and information to help them make a smart purchasing decision. Over the next few minutes, we will discuss the topic of fire escape ladders for homes and even provide some recommendations to make your search easier.

Can fire escape ladders save your life?

Imagine the horror of having your family caught in a 2+ story home or apartment and a fire breaks out. If you are not prepared then your options are limited to either jumping out the window our burning to death in the house fire. Obviously, both of these options are not the solution you are looking for.

Recently, there was a news article about a house gone ablaze where several members of the family didn’t make it out alive. If they would have planned ahead, these poor folks might not have perished.

The truth is that every building with 2 or more floors should consider investing in at least one of these safety devices. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to store, and they may one day save a life. Investing in fire escape ladders for homes will give you and your family comfort and security whether you have a fire or not. Just knowing it’s there gives a better sense of security.

Who manufactures the best fire escape ladders for homes?

While there are many manufacturers, the two most popular brands of rope fire escape ladders are First Alert and Kiddie. Pearl is also a quality manufacturer that produces permanent ladders that install directly into your wall.

As far as what ladder to buy, that depends on your unique home and situation. Here are some good things to think about though when making your decision.

  • Are the dimensions compatible with my windowsill?
  • Is it a “one-time use” ladder or can I do a practice run without voiding the warranty?
  • Is the device easy to use for young and old family members?

When you first purchase your device, it’s important to have a few ‘safety drills’ that imitate an emergency situation. This will get your family acquainted with your new safety device and make sure everyone in your family understands how to use it correctly.

Also be sure to read our guide about how to use a fire escape ladder.

Different fire escape rules

In case you are wondering what are fire escape rules in your local city, here is a list of rules for NYC that could be applicable to your town also.


In closing, while smoke alarms are essential for fire safety it is always good to have a plan B.

Fire escape ladders for homes are the backup solution that can save your life if you simply can’t escape a house fire from the lower level. While you may never have to use it, just having a plan B in place will keep you and your family’s minds at ease.

Fire Escape Ladders come in lengths for at least two and three story buildings and the best ones are those that can be unpacked for a practice run and packed up again with no detrimental effect.

Whichever Fire Escape Ladder you choose, at least choose one. Let’s hope that your family never have to thank you and you never have to wish you had!

Fire Safety is a major concern to us all as fire knows no limitations once it has started. Be prepared just in case of any fire tragedy. Have an escape ladder with you.

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