8 Best Ideas For Outdoor Poolside Decorations

Do you own an outdoor pool? If you do, you are already a subject of envy for many people. But how do you make it more attractive? With all its attractiveness, an outdoor pool needs an equally attractive setup to make it cool and inviting.

Decorating an outdoor pool can become a challenge for many of us who do not have any idea how to go about it. From creating your own vertical garden to getting a deck box, we bring to you 8 cool ideas to decorate your outdoor poolside.

1. Add some green!

Symbolic of life and richness, these green beauties add a vibrant vibe to any place. If you want to go for something low cost and organic, this is definitely your game. They make the atmosphere pleasant and inviting.

If you do not have time to maintain a garden setup, then you might want to go for hanging or potted plants. They require almost zero maintenance and add a cool and casual vibe to your place.

Perennials and shrubs are a great choice as they come in a range of vibrant colors, allowing you to create your own organic collage. What’s more, you can rearrange them any time you want. You can create a whole range of styles on your own.

If you have an empty yard and don’t have time to tackle it, you can hire a landscape artist to do it for you. Transform your empty outdoor space into a beautiful garden with different types of plants. A landscape artist can recommend the best flowering plants and perennials to grow based on your location’s climate and soil quality.

2. Furnish it

If you are not afraid to spend a few bucks, furnish your outdoor pool area to create an inviting sitting space. A set of thick chairs, some side tables, and a shade to complete the setup; is something you should go for.

You can also add cushions to give it a more homely touch. Always stick to bright palettes. Please note that having cushions will raise the need of storing them during winter or rainy days.


In-pool chaise loungers are a great option for those who do not have the area required for a sitting space. These are comfortable loungers that are installed in your pool, perfect for a lazy evening. They are easy to clean, manageable and completely UV and water resistant.

An outdoor, poolside kitchen is also a good idea. You can bake pizza or have a barbecue if you want to spend quality time with your family and friends on a poolside picnic. That way, you have convenient access to condiments and everything you need. So, there’s no need to go back and forth between your indoor kitchen and the poolside, which can be a hassle when you’re entertaining many guests and visitors. Adding an Ooni Pizza Oven from Botanex to your outdoor kitchen can also really help to level up your entertaining capabilities.

3. Go for candles

Who doesn’t like a romantic glow in the evening? If you want to create an intimate feel, go for lots of candles. Perfect for a poolside romantic dinner date or a calm and quite introspecting, decorative candles make a great standalone option for decoration.

You can go for anything from a sweet essence candle to a floating one. Floating candles also offer an easy and safe option to decorate your pool.

Candles provide a lot of ways to work with. You get a variety of candle holders that you can place next to the pool or hang to the trees around it.
In addition to providing a great ambiance, citronella candles also keep unwanted pests away.

You can find some interesting candle holders here:

4. Deck box

Although not a complete décor option in itself, a deck box can make a useful and comfortable addition to your outdoor swimming pool setup. It can offer a clutter-free and manageable patio. You can store your swimming essentials and other stuff in it for quick and easy access. It also adds up to your sitting space.

chossing a deck box

To add a decorative touch to your outdoor pool, you can go for storage benches instead of a traditional deck box. They can make a complete sitting space and also offer more storage area. It is preferable to go for a plastic or resin one since wood is not a good choice for pool setting.

Spending time outdoors on your poolside and deck is a great way to relax and unwind after a long busy day at work. You can swim, meditate, or try some yoga poses you saw online. But as much as you want to spend time on your deck, street noise and neighbor intrusion can be a problem. Don’t let anything or anyone ruin your quiet time in your outdoor space. Check out these deck privacy ideas.

5. Swing it up

Nothing creates a close, intimate vibe other than a swing. If you want something big and elegant, go for a wooden swing. Swings with cushion or mesh network give you a range of options to choose from. You can also work with different fabrics to create something according to your taste.

Many people nowadays go for hammock chairs. They are ideal for creating a private space as well as a more intimate setup. You can also put a traditional hammock over your pool to spend your lazy afternoons.

A pool rope swing is a growing trend that will give your pool a fresh and adventurous vibe.

6. Bring some lights!

Lights are known for their versatility. With different lights, you can create any atmosphere from a party night to wedding setup to a dinner date.

Go for floating pool lights for a romantic vibe or a casual promotion party. If you want to prepare for a night full with a party, dance, and booze, go for funky lights or disco lights. You can hang them around the trees, or place them anywhere you want.

For a more regular setting, string lights make a good option. You can choose soft lights to decorate around your pool for a casual and quiet setup.

7. Tapestries

At times you do not want to spend time and efforts in decorating your outdoor pool, and these are the times when just need to grab some loud and extravagant tapestries! You can simply hang them in your outdoor pool area and be done with it. Go for anything from a calm and serene landscape to an eccentric and catchy piece of art. You can also go for a customized one. With tapestries, you can never run out of options.

If the tapestries are large enough, you can also use them as walls to create a private space. This can serve as a cool and convenient changing area right next to the pool!

8. Create a vertical garden

If you have a blank wall to spare, just get creative and go for a vertical garden. From wall hanging to vertical plant holders, you can get a variety of option in the market to set up a vertical garden. Always go for different plants with a lot of color variance to achieve a vibrant look. Succulent plants also make for a good choice in you do not have enough time for maintenance.

While decorating your outdoor pool, Espalier is something you would like to check out. It is a slightly advanced version of a vertical garden. With a little bit of your time and efforts, you can create a beautiful espalier wall for your pool space.

If you want to make your own espalier, here is come really good content you should look:

With great ideas, you also need to pay attention to balance. You can use one or more of these ideas to create the look of your choice. But pay attention to the color theme you are trying to achieve.

The blue of your pool is always going to stand out. Arrange your decorations to go with the presence of water or enhance its appearance.

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