How to Keep Food Cold at an Outdoor Party

Having an outdoor party has always been a popular trend. Whether inside a tent or in an open space under the blue sky, organising and enjoying a party or special event on an outdoor locale would definitely add an extra style.

Without being worried about booking date and options, you can enjoy the creative liberty for customising the whole event according to your taste and desire. 

While it comes to the culinary side of the party, keeping food items and drinks cold in an outdoor location is significant. In case you have not prepared yourself well with necessary arrangements, this can be a much more hassling task.

Fortunately, there are several useful options available in the market to handle this tough job. At the same time, you can also make your own arrangements to keep foods and beverages cold at an outdoor party.

Bellow I will present you few ideas that can help you keep food & drinks cold at an outdoor part.

Immersed Ice-Filled Trays


Ss a temporary preparation, you can use deep metal trays filled with ice cubes to store food items like cut fruits and vegetables for the salad.

Instead of taking whole fruits and veggies, you can cut them into the final serving size and stack them in the trays over ice.

Wrap the trays with some dish towels to keep them both cold and fresh for quite a long period of time. 

Beverage – storage containers


You can use water resistant cube-shaped large storage containers for keeping all types of drinks and beverages chilled during an outdoor event.

Put a submerged coating of ice cubes at the bottom of the container.

You can pile up all beverages over the ice, starting from sprites and sodas to bottled water and long-neck bottles of sparkling cider and champagne, for instance.

In case the cube is not made from waterproofing material, border the bottom with a folded piece of towel to prevent leakage of water. 

Drink – Canisters


For an outdoor party with fewer guests, you can also consider arranging a bucket for serving chilled beverages instead of dragging a heavy cooler machine or large container all over the place.

Fill half or more portion of the bucket with ice cubes and stack bottles of soda, juice and other drinks.

A medium-sized metal bucket can easily accommodate eight to ten bottles/up to fifteen cans of standard size including all that ice.

Deck Boxes


For people who through outdoor parties very often, having a deck box is the most convenient option.

A lot of you would prefer to put together all your outdoor belongings and supplies complied in a beautiful deck box that can be kept in the open yard all the time.

A waterproof and climate resistant deck box would not only accommodate regular outside supplies like cushions in winter time, but also the food during an occasional event.

  • These multi-functional boxes are more like modern warehouses or movable depository for safeguarding patio tools and gardening kits. Besides that, they are equally popular to outdoor party-lovers for keeping food cold for a significant period of time. They provide a huge storage area with fashionable pattern and are multi-purpose equipment. Lately, more often they are being used even as a outdoor poolside decoration.
  • Deck boxes are becoming more and more useful due to their sleek lightweight design and effortless movability. The versatile use of these is really incredible that allows you to store tools or toys and even food during parties as well. They can easily be used as a cooler for drink and food storage in any outdoor location. 
  • They can be recycled, contain no trace of CFC or formalin, do not produce harmful gases, and protect stored food from mold-growth.
  • They are resistant to both low temperature and high humidity climate. So the stored food is literally safe kept from a sudden splash rain or snowfall. A few of the recent models have lock system and some even come with a wheeled bottom for an easier portability within your yard or lawn. All you need to do is to layer the bottom of the box with ice cubes or big chunks of ice and store your food over it to keep it cool for longer. Some of the more effective models keep food and beverages cold for days.

If you still don’t have one and if you would like a perfect choice for your house, be sure to visit my best deck box ultimate guide.


A sleek and compact designed deck box can be a good addition to outside of the home accessories besides being used as a convenient outdoor cooler.

To put in a simple manner, this piece of apparatus is a great investment of your money that provides long-lasting service as a useful cooling system.

With a good-quality deck box and some of your provisional arrangements, keeping food cold at an outdoor party can always be within your grasp. 

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