Best Pool Equipment Storage Ideas

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Brad Smith
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Have you been looking for a brilliant storage idea that would help you keep your floats, hoses, toys, towels, and other pool gears safe, organized, and within reach? If yes, you are in the right place.

I have proposed some expert-vetted storage ideas that would help you keep your pool tidy, safe, and aesthetically appealing. Read on to pick an idea that would suit your unique storage requirements.

Top Pool Storage Ideas to Consider:

1. Use Hooks

The use of hooks is a genius way to keep or organize your life jackets, towels, wicker baskets, pool noodles, sunglasses, keys, and other pool gears that you use frequently. You can install the hooks on the exterior walls adjacent to your pool, deck railings, and any other stable structure that can bear your pool gears’ weight.

The hooks are cost-friendly, and you may not need an expert to help you install them. Therefore, if you are on an economical budget, this would be a suitable choice for you.

Though, the hooks might not be idyllic for storing items that are sensitive to direct sunlight, rainfall, and other bad weather elements. Besides, they cannot protect your valuables from burglars and other intruders.

2. Storage Bins

Storage bins are containers designed from metal, plastic, or nylon mesh. You can use them to store pool chemicals, safety gears, water toys, tools, hoses, goggles, inflatables, and virtually anything that is related to your pool.

Storage bins come in several designs and sizes to let you buy one that suits your unique storage needs. For instance, you can purchase a covered storage bin to shield your valuables from weather elements, or a perforated bin that will allow water from your pool gears to drain out.

If you love elegance, you can shop around for eye-catching storage bins fabricated to augment your pool area’s cosmetic appeal. Large sized storage bins have wheels for effortless transportation.

3. Racks

A rack is an excellent option to store towels, large pool toys, safety jackets, and inflatables. You can purchase ready-made racks from stores out there, or you can hire a technician to help you make one that suits your exceptional storage needs.

Racks are available in two primary types; the easy to transport stand-alone racks that let you keep your pool essentials close at hand without being obstructive, and the fixed types which are mounted on the external wall, or fence that is adjacent to your pool.

Just like hooks, racks are affordable, and you may not need to hire a professional to help you install them.

On the downside, they may not protect your valuables from intruders, kids, and direct exposure to weather elements. As such, the racks might not be an ideal option to store pool chemicals and delicate items.

4. The deck box

Are you looking for a pool side storage that would protect your valuables from bad weather elements, kids, pets, and or intruders? If you are, a deck box would be your ideal pool equipment storage prerequisite.

Best deck boxes are designed from resin, treated wood, or weather proof plastic, and each material has its distinct pros. For instance, resin is inexpensive and it has beautiful natural hues that can complement your pool’s landscape.

chossing a deck box

Plastic is light in weight and highly resistant to rust, weather elements, and dents. On the other hand, wood is an expensive material with a high-end cosmetic appeal.

The deck boxes may have a lockable lid to protect your valuables from intruders, wheels for effortless transportation, coolers to keep your beverages, and multiple storage compartments for organized storage.

5. Storage Benches

A storage bench serves as a store for your pool equipment and a seat for you and your guests. On that account, it would be a feasible option for someone who is obsessed with saving space, as well as keeping their pool gears organized and secure.

Just like the deck box, the storage benches may have compartments to store different pool gears separately, and a lock to secure your valuables. Moreover, the storage bench protects your pool equipment from the direct exposure to weather elements.

deck box materials

While the storage bench seems like a space saving option, it may not be appropriate if you are on budget, or your pool lacks sufficient deck space. Moreover, you might not store wet pool equipment in it.

6. A shed

A shed would be a practical idea if you have lots of pool equipment, and enough space around your pool. They are large enough to hold hoses, pool chemicals, safety equipment, and almost every piece of equipment that you would need in your pool.

Besides being capacious, sheds give you an option to lock your valuables from intruders, kids, as well as bad weather elements like direct sunlight and rain. Furthermore, you can partition them to let you keep different pool equipment discretely. If you love stylishness, you can hire an expert to help you construct one with a design that can lift your pool space’s aesthetic appeal.

On the downside, building an elegant and spacious shed is expensive. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, we suggest that you consider other cost-friendly options.

7. DIY pool cabinet

Do you have a spare cabinet that you don’t use? If you do, transform it into pool side storage where you can stock your towels, safety jackets, floats, toys, and sunglasses. This storage idea will not only secure your pool equipment, but also save you some space in your house.

However, if you don’t have a spare cabinet, you can buy a ready- made cabinet, or hire a technician to make one that suits your storage needs.

The Bottom Line

There are multiple storage options for your pool equipment. For instance, you can opt for a DIY pool cabinet, a shed, a storage bench, a deck box, a rack, a storage bin, or a hook. You can use one or a mix of the options.

Do you have any question regarding our pool equipment storage ideas above? If yes, feel free to ask.

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