How A New Roof Can Help Your HVAC Function Better

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Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Air conditioning is a blessing. While they can help maintain more comfortable living and working environments, these units also ensure health and safety during extreme temperatures.  

Of course, the UK isn’t often prone to heatwaves. However, as the global climate changes, we’re likely to see more of them and a substantial rise in demand for air conditioning systems like Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units to go along with it. 

As their name implies, HVACs can also keep people comfortable in the winter and can generally be used all year round. Despite their versatile usage, owners of these systems should be trying to get the most out of them.

It might be that making a few changes to your roof can help here. If you’ve been putting off an upgrade for a while, switching rooftops for your HVAC’s benefit might give you the final push you need to take the plunge! 

So, here’s how a new roof can help your HVAC function better!

how a new roof can help your hvac function better

Tweaking Potential Errors

As mentioned, the word ‘ventilation’ is featured in the HVAC acronym. It’s worth considering that a little bit more, though, especially when switching roofs. 

Despite much time and care going into property construction and HVAC installation, imperfections can exist. Seals may not be as robust as they should be around skylights, and air leaks can be possible due to a less-than-perfect roof installation. Attic fans and intake and exhaust vents on an HVAC installation may also be slightly irregular.

The colour of your roof can also have a minor effect on your HVAC system. Darker roofs typically absorb more solar energy than lighter variations, which may cause the HVAC system to work harder in some cases. Still, it’s certainly not the most important factor when trying to gauge the effectiveness of your HVAC system, so don’t force yourself into having an ugly roof for the sake of your unit (though it’s worth considering if you’re otherwise indifferent about switching colours). 

So, switching roofs is a good opportunity to review everything done so far and ensure it’s up to standard. If you hired professionals, everything is likely in order, but double-checking while work is underway is still a good idea. After all, if there are air leaks anywhere on your property, you’ll be losing conditioned air, making your HVAC system far less effective. Companies like Northern Beaches Roofing, renowned for their professional services in roofing solutions, can be a valuable resource

Insulating Effectively

Getting a new roof doesn’t have to amount to a quick replacement only. You can do more here, adding more dynamic layers to your home. 

The new roof you secure could be fully insulated. That way, you can more easily control indoor temperatures. In doing so, your HVAC system will have far less work to do, which reduces energy consumption and the wear and tear of the components. You and others under your insulated roof can lead more comfortable lives and perhaps save a lot of money. 

For easy access to insulation installers and local roofers near you, browse MyBuilder’s online hub for access to vetted and well-reviewed tradespeople. Post the details of your job and expect tradespeople to get in touch. However, you can choose whether to properly engage with them after using a comprehensive breakdown of their work history and reputation. Find the professionals you need in one space rather than spending hours asking around and Googling. 

Local roofers will often have partnerships with insulation installers. The former works on general installation, maintenance, and replacements, while the latter may install more specialist roofing materials, like metal sheets and tiles. You don’t need to worry about one replacing the other, as they’ll coordinate together to ensure everything is installed securely.

Solar Synergy

Solar panels are being installed more often as people become more eco-conscious. If you’re looking for a new roof, it may be the perfect time to add some solar panels! 

There are a few ways these additions can help your HVAC system. They include:

  • Incurring savings from ‘The Green Deal’ whereby the government offers a loan to cover solar power installation fees. It might not seem directly related to HVACs, but it eases costs and can make these systems more affordable. 
  • Shading parts of your roof may slightly lighten the load on your HVAC system. 
  • Generating enough electricity to power your HVAC, thereby reducing your dependency on the grid and reducing your energy expenses. 

Admittedly, things can vary here. The UK isn’t often the sunniest place in the world, and the energy requirements of HVAC systems can also vary between makes and models. However, things do work out in many situations. If you have questions about the feasibility of it all, the HVAC and solar specialists you’re dealing with should be happy to bring clarity.


We’ve listed major and minor ways a new roof can help your HVAC unit function a little better. Everything from bringing down costs to ensuring there’s cooler air circulating through your property has been covered. Hopefully, when it’s time to get a new roof, you’ll remember some of these measures!

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Written by Brad Smith

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