Light Solar Tubes for Roofs

Light solar tubes for roofs are brilliant, energy-saving kits for lighting up dark areas in your home. They cost less than electricity-powered bulbs and add a presence of nature to your room.

The warm glow of sunlight seaming through the roof is an incredible experience. However, you will need suitable solar tubes to receive the best of the system.

best solar roof tubes

Our review features the top five light solar tubes for roofs. These high-quality kits stand out from the crowd of solar tubes for many reasons. They are the most effective and have brilliant designs to improve the experience.

Here is a detailed look at each product.

1.   Velux TMR Sun Tunnel, 10″ Tubular Skylight

Velux is one of the top manufacturers of solar light tubes for roofs. And its 10″ tubular skylight is the best you could have. In addition to its modern design, this light provides an alternative that is more energy-efficient than electric lights. It provides more light, therefore saving you some of your electricity costs. Its high efficiency also means you spend less on lighting.

Velux 10″ Sun Tunnel is anodized aluminum, hence its high durability and reliability. It is resistant to rust and corrosion and can withstand harsher conditions. The solar light tube has a 20-year tunnel warranty to corroborate Velux’s trust in its product.

Additionally, the Velux 10″ solar tube is easy to install. It requires no professional help during installation. The tube has a straightforward user manual and everything you need for installation. Furthermore, it poses no health risks as it filters out UV rays while harnessing natural light.


  • Highly durable
  • Rest-resistant
  • Zero leakages
  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effect
  • 20-year warranty


  • Lights can be too bright

2.   Natural Light Energy Systems 10-Inch Tubular Skylight

The Natural Light Energy System is another forerunner in the market for light solar tubes. The brand is well-known for its highly energy-efficient tubular skylights, but its 10″ tubes stand out on a new level.

This 10″ solar tube has earned numerous positive reviews from customers who attest to its efficiency. It is highly reliable and promises a satisfying experience.

The tubes require no professional assistance to install because they come with an easy-to-read user manual. Additionally, it is effortless to maintain and has proven its high durability.

This incredible product comes with UV protection to prevent health risks and damage to furniture and decorations. Also, it is air-tight and prevents any leakage. Furthermore, it is NFRC and Energy Star certified.

The tubular skylight is not only energy-saving but also cost-saving. Aside from saving you the cost of electricity, it is also affordable. Plus, you get a 25-year warranty.


  • Easy installation
  • UV-protection
  • Prevents moisture buildup
  • Cheap to maintain
  • 25-year warranty


  • Suitable only for asphalt shingle pitched roofs
  • It only covers a small area

3.   ODL Tubular Skylight Kit

Thanks to its reflective tube, the ODL tubular skylight kit creates a natural, diffused glow that illuminates your home. This is an affordable option for people not interested in spending tons of money on an efficient lighting solution for their homes.

The ODL skylight kit has a longer tube that helps it fit nicely on any roof. However, it is an excellent choice for asphalt roofs. Its design also features an adjustable elbow to help it fit perfectly. In addition, this kit does not require any professional assistance to assemble or maintain. It is also made of robust materials that help it withstand the elements.

Furthermore, the ODL tubular skylight kit reduces the sun’s glare for better convenience indoors. It also has a UV-protected dome to protect you and your decorations from the effects of direct sunlight. It is equipped with leaking-proofing features and a trim ring.


  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable elbows
  • UV-protected
  • Bright light output
  • Long tube fits on all roofs


  • Less effective during winter

4.   Velux America Sun Tunnel Tubular Skylight

This is another masterpiece from the famous manufacturer of some of the best solar tubes for roofs. Light up your rooms quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively with this solar tube. And you get to choose from two options – flexible and rigid tubing.

The flexible tubing allows for easier installation. It is the ideal choice if there are obstacles in the room that would make your installation uneasy. The tube is adjustable to suit your installation area. On the other hand, rigid tubing is best for open spaces in the room. So you can set it up if there are no obstructions in your roof. However, it is also slightly adjustable.

For either option, the Velux America Sun tunnel is made of durable materials and can withstand the elements for decades. The 14″ tubes also have ceiling rings and diffusers. The Velux tubes have received positive feedback from users and have the approval of authorities and experts like Energy Star.


  • Flexible and rigid tubing
  • Easy installation
  • Energy-saving
  • 20-year warranty
  • High-quality material


  • Energy collection from the sun is uneven.

5.   Solar Blaster Light Kit

The Solar Blaster light kit is best for sheds or Conex containers. It is highly efficient for sheds of various sizes and roofs. But it is most effective for metal-roofed sheds. The kit is aluminum. Hence it is rust-resistant and guarantees high durability. It is also weatherproof and can survive the harshest of conditions.

This 8-inch kit comes with a unique design. It comes with two acrylic domes and a diffuser. Its reflective tube is also shorter than the others on this list. The Solar Blaster light tube has an easy installation procedure, requiring no professional help. You also save a lot of money while you get natural light into the darkest part of your shed.


  • Ideal for metal roofs
  • DIY installation
  • Bright, natural lights
  • Energy efficient
  • Rust proof


  • Small size insufficient for a more oversized shed

Buying Guide — How to Choose the Best Light Solar Tubes for Roofs

light solar tube

Before choosing the light solar tubes to buy for your roof, you must consider a few factors. Some of these factors include:

●     Roof Type

Firstly, you must consider the type of roof you want to install solar tubes on before choosing a product to buy. Different light solar tubes come with designs that suit certain roof types better. Therefore, you should read up on tubes that are best for your flat, angled, asphalt, shingle, or metal roofs. The size and depth of your roof will also determine the solar tubes you need to buy.

●     Easy Installation

You must consider the installation requirements when buying your solar tubes. If you want to save costs, you should buy tubes that are easy to install. Then, you will not be paying extra for professional services.

●     Warranty

Most of the best brands offer decades of warranty for their solar tubes. This means that these tubes are expected to last long. The years of a product’s warranty can give a good guess of its durability.

●     Diffusers

Diffusers control the amount of sunlight coming into your house. It would help if you considered how the diffuser helps achieve your desired amount of light. Some solar tubes let in a lot of light, while others offer dimmer illumination. In addition, you should consider tubes with UV filters to protect yourself and your interior decorations.

●     Reviews and Feedback

Lastly, check the reviews on a product before buying it. Usually, reviews and feedback will tell you if a product is worth spending on. From reviews, you can tell that a solar tube is practical, durable, and reliable. You can also find out about the manufacturer’s customer service if you need help after buying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

best solar roof tubes

1.   What are light solar tubes for roofs?

Solar tubes are also referred to as solar light tunnels or light tubes. They are solar energy devices that let sunlight through so that it illuminates a space inside your home. They provide sunlight where the sun does not directly shine. Most importantly, light solar tubes for roofs are cost-efficient, energy-saving alternatives to electrical lighting.

2.   How do light solar tubes for roofs work?

Solar roof tubes focus sunlight through a reflective tube to pass the light into your home. These reflective tubes usually range from one to two feet in diameter. On the outer end of the tube is an acrylic dome that receives sunlight and prevents the kit from harsh weather.

The other end of the tube is inside the house. It contains the diffuser that controls how much sunlight enters the room. Most diffusers also have UV ray protection to ensure the sunlight causes no health risks or damage to furniture and decoration.


The best light solar tubes for roofs offer cost-saving alternatives to electricity. However, they can do much more. They have aesthetic values and can add a cool glow to your rooms. Our top choice is the Velux ten-inch tunnel skylight. The kit has an overall impressive design that maximizes your experience of the sunlight in your home.

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