Designing For Privacy & Security: Top Low-Tech Solutions To Try

We all want to feel safe and secure in our homes. After all, home is where we return to at the end of a long day—a place to eat dinner, watch a movie, and curl up in bed with a good book. Somewhere to raise kids, break bread with friends and family, and decorate to your heart’s content. 

With all the comfort that we derive from being in our home spaces, it makes sense that you want your home to feel safe and free from unwanted intrusion and prying eyes. That’s why security and privacy measures are so necessary. The last thing you want is a nosy parker sticky-beaking around or a dodgy sort trying to break in to steal your valuables.

So how do you boost the privacy and security of your home? Well, there are two options available here: smart security technologies, and just opting for good low-tech security solutions. This helpful article will share the top low-tech solutions that privacy-minded homeowners should consider investing in for their homes. 

You won’t find video doorbells or security camera suggestions in this blog, as we’ll keep it old school. Continue reading to learn more about this valuable topic.

designing for privacy security top low tech solutions to try

Invest In A Security Fence

A sturdy fence should be considered your home’s first line of defence when it comes to privacy and security. By getting some security fencing supplies, you can protect the boundary of your property with ease. 

How does a security fence differ from regular perimeter fencing? A security fence tends to be higher than standard property fencing, making them trickier to scale. It’s also common to see features like spikes on the tops of security fencing, or to have fences made out of materials that are trickier to climb – like glossy aluminium. 

No matter what type of security fencing you choose for your own property, this practical and low-tech defence measure is definitely going to be well worth your investment and deliver the privacy and security you’re hoping to secure for your home and family.

Install Frosted Glass Windows

An excellent privacy design tip for your home is to invest in frosted glass panels in certain rooms. Frosted glass is opaque, which means it will let light through, but people can’t see through it from inside or out. This means that busybody neighbours can’t see into your home, and you can’t see outside either – which offers complete privacy for you. 

In addition to this, frosted glass looks fantastic and will add a touch of class to your home. This unique glass is best installed in your bathrooms and bedrooms, where you want complete privacy for good reason.

Add Some Security Doors To The Front & Back

When it comes to home safety measures, nothing beats installing security doors over your front and back doors. These low-tech security measures are particularly effective deterrents for trespassers, as the additional barriers to entry tend to prompt burglars to move onto other easier targets.

There are also a variety of good brands to choose from when it comes to selecting security doors – Crimsafe is a popular option. These reinforced stainless steel mesh doors are proven to protect your home from burglars, offering superior protection and peace of mind. Strong steel is an excellent defence against unwanted entry, and they also offer a good measure of deterrence as well. Criminals will see them and will probably choose a more accessible and softer target when plotting to break into your home. 

Grow A Hedge For Additional Garden Security

So you’ve installed a security fence across your property’s perimeter – but what if your front garden could still benefit from some additional security? If you have kids playing in your front garden regularly or prefer to keep your street-facing windows uncovered during daylight hours, then you may consider planting a hedge right behind your front garden fencing.

 Hedges are an excellent privacy option for any property that has its front yard facing a busy street or crowded area. You can pick a fast-growing hedge variety that will quickly offer you some essential privacy. Just be sure to factor in ongoing hedge maintenance when looking to add one of these green security measures to your own property. We recommend setting up a maintenance routine for watering and trimming your hedge to ensure that it stays thick and healthy from season to season.

Install A Deadbolt Lock To Your Front Door

This is an old-school and definitely low-tech security measure for your front door. A deadlock or bolt mechanism will keep your home safe and secure while you’re out at work or running errands. They work just as simply as security doors too. You simply lock the door with your key when you leave and can go about your day with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your home is locked and secure. 

However, there are some safety considerations that need to be kept in mind when living in a home with deadbolt locks. For starters, it’s recommended that you never deadbolt your home while you’re inside, as this is a significant risk in case of a house fire or other emergency when you need to vacate the home quickly.

Keep A Safe On Your Property

Did you know that safes date all the way back to ancient Egypt? A lockable safe is a perfect home security measure that will keep your valuables safe and secure if you’ll pardon the pun. You can lock up jewellery, precious metals, passports, birth certificates and other identity documents in the safe. While most modern safes have a PIN locking mechanism, they should all have a backup key, ensuring this security measure remains low-tech and foolproof.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through our ultimate guide to low-tech privacy and security design for modern homes. Be sure to follow these tips to keep your property safe and secure and the calm haven that you and your family deserve.

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