What Will the Windows of the Future Look Like?

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Natural light streaming through a sunny window is great – until you’re squinting and wiping sweat from your forehead. You can lower the blinds or turn on the air conditioning, but the result is either a dark room or a rising electricity bill.

what will the windows of the future look like

The Window of the Future: Innovations and Trends

A solution to this problem was developed 40 years ago: smart windows that can be adjusted to your preferences. By using special materials that block certain wavelengths of light, these windows adapt to the weather or your personal comfort. Too hot? The windows can be tinted to block light and keep rooms cooler. Too cold? The tint disappears, allowing warm, natural light to heat the room. Want to protect your privacy? Some glasses can be darkened at the touch of a button.

In recent decades, research in the field of smart windows has made progress, taking the technology well beyond the laboratory: the market for smart glass is expected to reach 7.5 billion euros by 2028. Smart windows are already found in boats, cars, and airplanes, and are making their way into buildings like offices and airport terminals. And if they overcome some key challenges, they could one day play an important role in making homes more energy-efficient, proponents say.

Buildings are responsible for a hefty 39 percent of energy consumption, with 35 percent of that going to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Since smart windows can selectively keep out or let in heat, they can reduce this energy need: About 35 percent of the energy in a typical building is lost through the windows.

Like a Battery

Smart windows have been around long before phones and televisions were considered “smart”. In the early 1980s, scientists at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California thought about new ways to create energy-efficient building materials. The researchers came up with the idea of a responsive window that would dynamically change its tint. Granqvist, who was involved in this early research, used the term “smart windows” in a grant application. The name stuck – and the first smart window was realized in 1984.

Until all this becomes market-ready and present in all households, we rely on modern windows with mature technology.

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Modern Windows of Today

Custom modern UPVC windows are an excellent investment in your home and something you should definitely consider if you are building a new house or want to replace your old windows. The benefits of modern windows are manifold. If you have these windows installed by a professional, you will get excellent results that you will be very satisfied with. These windows offer so many amazing benefits, three of which should be discussed here:

  • They Make Your Home Safer A good reason to buy custom modern UPVC windows online is to increase the security of your home. Modern windows are incredibly safe and structurally solid. The UPVC windows themselves are made of thick, strong glass that is double-glazed. This makes it very difficult to break the window. The locks on the windows are also very secure and very hard to break.
  • They Increase the Value of Your Home Another reason to install modern windows in your home is to increase the value of your home. Modern windows increase the value of your home because they are worth more than older windows and also look much more aesthetically pleasing. This helps you build more equity in your home and puts you in a good position if you ever need to sell your house.
  • They Can Lower Your Energy Costs If you opt for modern UPVC living room windows, you can lower your overall energy costs. This is because modern windows are double-glazed and made of energy-efficient glass. This prevents the transfer of warm or cold air from outside to inside and vice versa. This means you don’t use extra energy to heat or cool your home, which can save you a lot of money over time.

If you want to learn more about the excellent benefits of modern windows, buy modern windows, or have your modern windows installed today, visit the experts at Oknoplast. Comprehensive and professional advice is guaranteed in your area!

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