6 Best Types Of Windows For Your High-End Home

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Brad Smith
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Not only does the window provide light to the house, but it also offers more than that. It enables one to enjoy the view of the locality or the neighborhood and allows ventilation in the house. Homes with ample windows tend to feel stuffy and look gloomy. Windows enable your home to add detail and keep it fresh.

Different window styles have both advantages and disadvantages. So, when choosing the best type of windows for your high-end home, you need to consider the shape, cost, quality, and many other factors to keep in mind—also, your neighborhood and local climate state which type of window to install in your home.

Whether you’re constructing or revamping, choose the type of window that falls under your budget and meets your functionality. If you’re ready to install one, hire experts with window installation and replacement experience to help you choose and install the best type for your high-end home. Expert teams such as Marvin Windows and others got you covered.

Below are the types of windows to consider for your high-end home.

6 best types of windows

1. Casement Windows

Casement windows are also known as crank windows. Just by its name, its right and left hinged opens outwardly by the turn of a crank. These windows are primarily used in places that are hard to reach because it opens easily. 

Unfortunately, if these windows are left open during harsh climates, it’s prone to damage easily. Also, before installing them, you need to keep in mind the design of your house. Most constructors prefer them in transitioning and contemporary styles of homes. Casement windows provide excellent airflow and a more energy-efficient seal. There are more things to know before buying and installing it.

2. Picture Windows

This type of window is best for indoor people. For those who don’t find the outside world exciting and appealing, a picture window would be the best obstruction providing a wow factor. If you install this, you’ll prevent airflow in your home because any opening mechanism may tamper with the picture.

Another thing about picture windows is that they aren’t energy-efficient. During summer, the window can overheat your home interior increasing your energy bills. On the other hand, they offer bright natural light to your home, making it livelier.

3. Bay Windows

bay windows

This type of window is both a functional and exciting style feature, enabling you to create more space inside your home. Bay windows are windows grouped to extend from the house. These are beautiful windows that can create space for shelves on the inside. 

Bay windows can be a great addition to modern and traditional homes, but the main drawback falls under the installation cost. It’s costly, but if you’re lucky to have the budget and space, this type of window can create a great ambiance in your home. 

4. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows open from either the right or left. This type of window is more likely for horizontal window orientations. They offer a clear view and perfect airflow. Slider windows are often used in modern homes or contemporary houses. They’re made with simple designs with no mechanical components or cranks, making them more affordable and durable. If you’re in Nampa and looking to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, consider Nampa energy efficient window replacements with slider windows.

Although, sliders require regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris for them to function well. Also, they’re easy to operate and the least expensive to install.

5. Awning Windows

This type of window is called an awning because of the sound they make when open. Awning windows are easy to operate; they shut and open easily by pushing and pulling their base to the outside. Remember, it can be installed for additional airflow below, side, or above a fixed window.

Often, these windows are used during rainfall climates as they act as an awning when the window is open. It provides a decent airflow when available, and awning windows can be effective against intruders because it protrudes outward, obstructing walkways.

6. Double-Hung Windows

This type of window is the most common among other windows. Unlike casement windows, double-hung open from the bottom or lowered downwards. You don’t need to worry about them colliding with each other or anything. Double-hung provides good ventilation and makes cleaning more straightforward because you don’t need to go outside to clean the outside part.

Another significant advantage is that double-hung is affordable whether installing or replacing them. They’re budget-friendly than other stylish windows. 


It’s challenging to choose the right type of window to buy and install in your high-end home. Windows deserves utmost care, just like any other feature in a home. They also need attention when selecting because your windows also rate your curb appeal. 

Additionally, choosing the best type of windows for your high-end home can be challenging because various types have different advantages. Initially, consider the level of maintenance, durability, cost, energy efficiency, and more before choosing the right windows for your home.

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