Top 5 Upsides of Residences in New Developments in Dubai

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

The stable economic situation and high standard of living in the Emirates attracts foreigners here. In spite of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and the difficult political and economic situation in the world, the UAE economy is in pretty good shape. We cannot say that the recession has not affected the country at all, but compared to most other major economies, the recession is insignificant. New developments in Dubai for investment are in high demand among wealthy foreigners. They chose real estate in Dubai because it provides opportunities to maintain a safe financial cushion and source of stable income. 

In this article, we will discuss the main upsides of buying real estate in the new residential complexes in Dubai. 

top 5 upsides of residences in new developments in dubai

Absolute security on and outside the territory of complexes  

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai in particular are widely known for their high level of personal security and social stability. At a time of global instability and an increasing wave of unrest in the world, the Emirates remain an island of stability and security in the region. This is largely due to the strict immigration policy of the authorities. It is no secret that the citizens of the Emirates constitute only about 15%, and the rest of the population are expatriates, who need to obtain and periodically renew the UAE residence status in accordance with the established rules. The relevant checks are carried out and if the expatriate’s reputation, for whatever reason, does not meet the selection criteria, they are denied a residency visa. 

24/7 security is maintained in each residential complex in Dubai. Besides, there are numerous surveillance cameras to observe the tiniest detail and avoid any unpleasant situations. 

Cost and offers from developers

An apartment in a new building at the foundation dormitory or the first floors can cost much cheaper than a similar apartment in a completed house. In addition, developers often offer buyers lucrative promotions that allow you to save money. Interest-free installments until the end of construction, flexible payment plans and affordable down payment are provided by developers.

Apartments in new residential complexes in Dubai are highly profitable in terms of prices. For the reasonable cost a buyer gets a legally clean housing of premium quality.  

Freedom of choice

The number of offers in the secondary housing is large but limited.  The desired residence may have an inconvenient location, inappropriate configuration or other parameters that do not suit the buyer. Choosing a new building at the start of sales you can choose a suitable floor, location relative to the elevator, the option with the best view out the window, the desired location, and even the number of an apartment. 

Innovative approach to the construction 

The new developments in Dubai are a marvel of engineering and technological innovation in the sphere of real estate. The buildings feature luxurious residences and exceptional villas built to high architectural standards. Each is designed so that its residents can enjoy a hedonistic atmosphere.

New houses and apartments are more user-friendly and space-optimized. In tandem with the green trends of recent years, most new properties in the UAE have an energy-efficient structure.

Rising cost of housing

In recent years, the cost of luxury housing in the Emirates shows a steady growth. This is caused by the inflow of wealthy buyers in the market and, consequently, an increase in demand. In some segments this growth is measured in tens of percent a year. 

In such a way, recently developed and off-plan properties in Dubai are highly profitable. They can be successfully rented out as the tenants usually prefer absolutely new residences in modern residential complexes. On the other hand, a buyer can resell real estate at the stage of construction or upon delivery and get a good difference in prices. 

Main upsides of buying new residences in Dubai 

In other words, buying a new building in Dubai has the following major advantages over secondary housing:

  • lower down payment;
  • flexible payment plan;
  • discounts and rebates on off-plan units;
  • high ROI;
  • ability to resell at up to 20% profit;
  • more freedom of choice; 
  • absolute security; 
  • innovative technologies used in the construction. 

Help in buying real estate in new developments in Dubai 

The real estate agency Dubai-Property.Investments offers qualified assistance to foreign buyers considering their needs, preferences and budgets. The team of professional real estate agents is able to select the suitable housing unit off-plan or a completed one and start making money. 

When you contact Dubai-Property.Investments, you get the next benefits:

  • certified help in solving any appearing problem;
  • support at each stage of a deal;
  • variety of choice of real estate from trusted developers;
  • profound knowledge of laws and requirements. 

The outcomes 

The real estate market in Dubai is very developed. This, in turn, makes new residential developments attractive in terms of investment. Residential real estate in Dubai, especially a recently completed or off-plan, is capable of generating a high current rental income.

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Written by Brad Smith

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