How to Find Your Own Style When Moving to Savanna Residences in Dubai?

Choosing a style for a new home in Savanna Residences in Dubai, UAE can be a daunting task. After all, we want to create a comfortable and cozy space that embodies our individuality. Correlation with Dubai`s overall luxury and wealth is also a must. 

We are often lost in the world of styles and decorations having no idea what to choose. Fortunately, by investing in the under-construction residential complex, buyers have some additional time to carefully think through tiny details of the desired interior. To facilitate the task, in this article, we will tell you about 7 tips to help you decide which style to choose for your new home.

how to find your own style when moving to savanna residences in dubai

Determine your preferences and personality

Before you start choosing a style, think about what you like and what reflects your personality. If you like bright colors and extravagant solutions, you may consider a modern style. If you prefer calm colors and classic elegance, then you should consider a classic or Scandinavian style. 

Explore different styles

The internet is your best friend when choosing a style for your new home. Research different interior styles, study photos, read articles and blogs by designers. Pick a few styles that you like and compare their features.

Make a floor plan

Before you start renovating and choosing furniture, make a floor plan. Determine which rooms will be what and what functions will be performed. This will allow you to more accurately choose the appropriate style for each room.

Pay attention to the architectural features of the dwelling

Each dwelling has its own unique architectural features – high ceilings, large windows, fireplace, etc. Use these features to your advantage by emphasizing them with the style you choose. 

Think about functionality

Beautiful but inconvenient is not the best option in terms of property to live in or to rent out. Remember that the chosen style should take into account not only aesthetic, but also functional aspects. Do not forget about comfort, convenience and practicality of furniture and interior items.

Ask for help from a professional

If you find it difficult to decide on the choice of style, ask for help from a professional designer. The specialist will be able to offer you different options and help you decide. Determine the purpose of your residence – personal living or renting out. If you invest in rental property, make it comfortable and functional for future tenants. Stick to modern interiors, without heavy and controversial décor items. 

Gradually familiarize yourself with the new style

Even if you have chosen a style, it does not mean that you need to immediately change everything in the interior. The process of mastering a new style is a gradual process. Start small – change textiles, add decorative elements, replace some furniture. Gradually you will be able to get used to the new style and put your ideas into practice.

Popular interior styles in Dubai in 2023 

You should not blindly follow the styles in the interior, because each person has their own preferences and tastes. The interior should reflect the personality and style of the owner, creating a comfortable atmosphere. It is important to find what the owner personally likes to feel at home and enjoy being in their space. Everyone can create a unique interior by combining different styles and design elements to express their personality and create a cosy place to live or work.

However, there are still certain trends in interior design in Dubai. Explore the below-mentioned options to create a unique combination. 

Contemporary interior style. 

Contemporary interior style in Dubai is characterized by its boldness and luxury. It features spacious and open floor plans, the use of glass, metal and unusual shapes. This style often uses neutral and bright colors, as well as accents in the form of shiny surfaces. Furniture has clean lines and materials are highly durable. Lighting plays an important role, modern LED lights are usually used. The whole interior looks modern, stylish and laconic.

Classic interior style.

The classic style of interior in Dubai implies the use of luxurious furniture, elegant finishes and graceful lines. Common colors are pastel shades, gold and silver. Precious fabrics, ceramic tiles and glass are present in the interior. Lighting can be bright and emphasize the luxury of the interior. Furniture is decorated with carvings and inlay. The overall look of a classic interior is limited and refined.

Minimalist interior style.

Minimalism in Dubai offers clean and simple lines, maximum use of open space and neutral tones. This style is characterized by functionality and lack of excess, which creates a sense of simplicity and elegance. Furniture is simple and ergonomic, while finishes are sleek and modern. Lighting in minimalist style is emphasized and efficient. Minimalism allows you to create a space that emphasizes functionality and comfort.

Ethnic interior style.

Ethnic interior style in Dubai is inspired by the traditions and cultures of different countries. Here you will find elements of African, Asian, Arabic or other national art and design. The colors and textures are also related to the respective ethnic culture. The interior may feature carvings, rugs, antique furniture and unique man-made objects. Lighting in ethnic style can be soft and gentle, emphasizing the atmosphere of mystery and exoticism.

Eclectic interior style.

Eclectic interior style in Dubai offers a mix of different styles, eras and materials to create a unique and distinctive interior. Elements of classic, modern, vintage and other styles can be combined here. A combination of bright colors, different textures and materials.

The bottom line 

AX CAPITAL in Dubai is a professional real estate agency that offers off-plan residences in Savanna Residences with a comfortable payment plan. Contact the real estate agent to get more information about the options available. 

By designing yourself, you choose among hundreds of color options, materials and their combinations, become inspired by art objects, fashion trends and iconic design inventions, and give your interior your own character and traits. Make your property unique and exceptional.

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