Optimizing Small Kitchen Spaces: Maximizing Storage and Efficiency with Access Panels

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Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Optimizing your small kitchen’s storage can make the space more efficient, easy to move around, and organized. A space-limited layout presents a big challenge. Still, even the smallest kitchen can be highly functional with a strategic design. Installing reliable storage solutions designed for small spaces and relying on products like Babcock Davis Access Doors and Panels can make the most of your kitchen area. 

Before completely renovating, start decluttering and organizing to see how much room is available. Once done, apply the following ten tips to make your kitchen a more open space with easy-access storage.   

optimizing small kitchen spaces maximizing storage and efficiency with access panels

Tip #1: Organize the Refrigerator  

 Refrigerators and freezers are part of many kitchens, and no matter their size organizing what you put inside will help with your storage efficiency—using these two as storage is smart, especially if the food containers are rectangular or square, as you can stack and organize them without wasting space. 

Tip #2: Create a Pantry Space  

 Close off one corner of your kitchen with drywall and an angled door or hang a curtain to create a pantry space. Install wire racks on the walls inside, reinforced with brackets, and use this area to store your canned goods, dry cereal, and anything you purchase in bulk that doesn’t require refrigeration. Or, if you prefer, two bookcases along each wall meeting in the corner provide instant shelving. Remove products from bulky packaging and store snacks, cookies, and rice in tightly sealed, stackable containers. Plastic bins with lids can sit on the floor, making a great spot to store potatoes, onions, and pet food.   

Tip #3: Install a Spice Rack  

Find an unused wall space near the stove and install a spice rack. It will keep your assorted spices organized and handy for use when you’re cooking. You can also opt to install a tall, slender pull-out shelf in the space between the stove and the wall – use it to store spices, cooking oil, vinegar, and other non-perishables so they’re close at hand when needed.    

Tip #4: Open Storage Space Behind the Walls 

Create more storage room by opening space behind the walls. For example, installing a small drywall access panel in the back of a cupboard or pantry will give you more room to store kitchen utensils you don’t use daily. Access panels can also conceal wires and cords to reduce clutter and protect gas or water valves. At the same time, service technicians will have convenient access when it’s time for repairs.     

Tip #5: Enclose the Space Under the Sink      

Maximize storage space under the sink by enclosing the area by hanging a curtain or installing drywall. Use stacking bins or plastic drawers to store sponges, aerosol storage cages, dishwasher pods, and rags for quick access. An access door is a must-have under the sink – install a plumbing access panel for quick and easy access for service and repairs. 

Tip #6: Level Up Your Shelving 

Double and even triple your cupboard space with innovative shelving solutions for small kitchens. Rather than just using the bottom area of cabinets and cupboards, install in-cabinet shelving with slide-outs that provide stacked storage options. You can add extra shelves to the top of tall cupboards. Pull-out shelves work well in lower cabinets too. Adding dividers within the shelving or drawers is another way to stay organized. 

Tip #7: Use the Wall Space 

Use the vertical space in your kitchen to hang pots, towels, aprons, and even brooms and mops, clearing floor space to leave more room to move around. Store items with low use up higher and keep ones you regularly use at an easily accessible height for quick access. 

Tip #8: Use Baskets for Storage and Decor   

 Keeping your pantry or cabinets organized and clutter-free maximizes space in your kitchen. Labeled woven bins are ideal baskets as they are as practical as they are pretty, and everything has a clear place with this system. Do not use soft materials against water or liquid for other baskets, as these two are most likely to appear in kitchens.   

Tip #9: Hang Pot Racks from the Ceiling 

Install a pot rack over the food preparation area, ensuring it’s securely anchored to bear extra weight, and hang your pots and pans overhead. Remember that you need headspace to work without the cookware getting in the way. 

Tip #10: Use a Wine Rack 

A wine rack lets you neatly and securely store bottles without worrying about glass breaking. Rather than using up a large area in a cupboard, a wine rack adds to your decor with a stylish finish. 

Maximize Your Space Today! 

  Follow these ten tips to optimize the space in your small kitchen. Not only will it look great, but you will also improve efficiency and make kitchen operations more efficient.  

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Written by Brad Smith

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