How to Increase Storage Space in a Small Kitchen

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Storage space can be an issue in any room in the home, particularly if you stay in a smaller property such as an apartment. However, nowhere is it more frustrating than in the kitchen. 

This room is typically where we need the most storage space, not only for food and drinks but often also cleaning equipment and dish towels. It is also much more pleasant to cook and have communal chat in a well-organized kitchen rather than a space that feels claustrophobic and cramped.

Whether you are prepared to do a full-scale renovation or are looking for a few easy fixes, this guide contains some useful tips on how to increase storage space in a small kitchen. Not only will this help to make your daily life much easier, but it will also create a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for you, your family, and visiting guests.

how to increase storage space in a small kitchen

Consider changing your appliances

If you have the budget and inclination, consider changing your appliances. 

This could involve major renovation such as swapping your traditional gas boiler for a more compact electric boiler or installing a smaller oven and rearranging your other fittings and fixtures.

Combination appliances are also a fantastic space-saving option. For example, two-in-one washer-dryers are a fantastic alternative to having a separate washing machine and tumble dryer standing side by side. You could also opt for a fridge freezer that can be tailored to your desired width and height. 

Utilise pull-out kitchen storage

Rooms of any size benefit from pull-out storage options, but they are particularly useful for smaller kitchens.

The most common example of pull-out kitchen storage is the curved drawers that slot into corner spaces. When using traditional corner cupboards, you often have to lift out objects at the front to access those kept at the back. Curved pull-out drawers transform awkward corner cupboards by increasing the storage space and making all of the items easily accessible. 

You can also install a pull-out counter that provides the option of extra surface space when preparing meals but can be neatly stowed away once you have finished cooking. This gives you all the functionality of a bigger kitchen without taking up more walkthrough space.

Make use of awkward corners

You can make use of awkward corners on the countertop and around the door as well as in your cupboard. 

A fun concept is to create decorative displays using your essential food items such as a colorful fruit bowl and or a fancy arrangement of storage jars. Plants also work well here as a vibrant, eye-catching touch.

Alternatively, keep commonly used electric items close to hand by storing them in the corners. This could include neat pieces such as blenders and kettles in addition to bulkier items like microwaves. 

Reorganize your cupboards

A common complaint of those with small kitchens is a lack of cupboard space. However, you’d be amazed by how much room you actually have.

If you are able, increasing the height of your cupboards is a great way to increase storage capabilities. This means that taller items like cereal boxes and bottles can be stacked vertically. 

A more simple approach is simply to swap traditional bulky packaging for more compact solutions such as Tupperware boxes and glass jars. Not only does this help to keep your food fresher for longer, but it also increases the ways you can stack your ingredients and improves your organization.

Install hooks for decorative storage

Last but certainly not least, installing hooks is a fantastic way to create instant storage space

Both functional and decorative, hooks can be added under cupboards to display frequently used items like mugs. You could also hang pots, pans, and ladles on the backsplash behind your cooker. Hooks on the back of the door or the side of cupboards are great for hanging towels and bags.


What are some budget-friendly ways to increase storage space in a small kitchen?

Budget-friendly options include reorganizing your cupboards, using Tupperware boxes and glass jars for storage, installing hooks for decorative storage, and making use of awkward corners with decorative displays or storing frequently used appliances.

How can I create more counter space in my small kitchen?

One solution is to install a pull-out counter that provides extra surface space when preparing meals and can be stowed away once you have finished cooking. This offers the functionality of a larger kitchen without occupying more walkthrough space.

Are there any combination appliances that can save space in my kitchen?

Yes, combination appliances such as two-in-one washer-dryers and fridge-freezers with adjustable width and height are great options for saving space in a small kitchen.

How can I make better use of my corner cupboards to maximize storage?

Installing curved pull-out drawers in corner cupboards can transform these awkward spaces by increasing storage and making all items easily accessible.


Increasing storage space in a small kitchen can be achieved through a combination of clever organization, making use of awkward corners, and investing in space-saving appliances. By implementing these strategies, you can create a more functional, pleasant, and welcoming kitchen environment for you, your family, and your guests. Whether it’s a full-scale renovation or a few simple fixes, there are various ways to optimize storage in your small kitchen, making your daily life much easier and your cooking experiences more enjoyable.

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