6 Luxury Design Ideas on a Budget For Your Home

Do you dream of a luxurious home that becomes the envy of all your friends? Are you also on a tight budget and don’t want to spend your savings on decorating your home? Then, this guide is for you. Check out these easy ways to give your home a more luxurious design, all while staying on a tight budget.

luxury design ideas on a budget for your home

Create an Accent Wall

Accent walls draw attention to a specific part of your home. Adding an accent wall to your home’s design can be a great way to highlight luxury artwork or sculptures that you want to show off. By painting one wall in your living room or entertaining space boldly, you also won’t have to fill the other wall with decor, helping you stay on budget.

Choose Large Canvases That Fill the Walls

Filling the walls with large canvases or artwork fills your space better and creates a centralized focal point. The larger the canvases you use, the less you’ll have to purchase. A lot of small photographs or canvases can make a room look cluttered and disorganized. Ideally, you want to match your canvas size to the room and its furniture, but typically, you can’t go wrong with something larger.

If you don’t want to invest in larger canvases or paintings, you might decorate with wallpaper. Use wallpaper to accent a room and limit how many materials you need. Choose something hip and trendy, like a fun design or flowing lines. Today’s wallpaper is easier than ever to use and easily comes off when you’re ready for an update. Of course, you could also always outsource your painting or wallpaper designs to a professional to ensure you get it right the first time.

Declutter and Organize

Luxury homes are typically designed as an open floor plan with ample space and minimal clutter throughout. Taking the time to declutter and organize your home can give it a more luxurious design. Additionally, adding more storage can make it easier for you and your family to put items away when you’re finished using them.

Deep Clean and Refresh

A luxurious home also typically smells good and is exceptionally clean. Make your home smell more appealing with nicely scented candles carefully placed in each room. Regularly changing your HVAC filter also helps prevent dust and dirt from taking over your home. Decorate using large, colorful plants to give your home a cozy design while also improving its smell.

Deep cleaning on a regular schedule can also keep your home clean and well-organized. If you have carpets in your home, it’s important to keep up with regular cleaning appointments. Dirt and debris easily make their way indoors and compact in your carpets. Dirty carpets with stains can also create an unsightly appearance that affects your luxurious goals. An appointment for carpet cleaning services in Nashville, TN, ensures your carpets are always ready for entertaining.

Focus On High-Quality Furniture

A few high-quality furniture pieces give your home a more luxurious design. Rather than filling each room with multiple cheap pieces of furniture, consider choosing items that are multi-purpose and functional. As a bonus, high-quality furniture pieces are usually made with better materials, meaning they’ll last longer. So while you’ll pay more up-front for the furniture, you shouldn’t have to replace it as quickly.

Better furniture materials also wear down slower, meaning you don’t have to worry about faded cushions or flat chairs ruining your luxurious vibe. Many upscale furniture pieces also come with better warranties, making them even more worth the purchase. In fact, even making repairs to your higher-quality furniture is usually more affordable than having to replace cheaper materials every few years.

Use Shapes to Design

Look at some of the best celebrity homes in the media, and you’ll find that each one includes vibrant, unique shapes. Choosing modern decor with nontraditional shapes allows you to express your personality in your home while also giving it a more artistic vibe. In addition to fun geometric shapes, choose natural materials that look great in any room. A few materials to consider include glass and stone. You can also use traditional materials like aluminum to create a contemporary yet luxurious home design.

You can incorporate fun shapes into your home’s designs in various ways. Use fun lines and designs with different colors on your accent wall. Add a winding staircase from the basement to the main and upper floor levels. Interesting-shaped fireplaces are also functional and are sure to become your favorite place to spend time during Tennessee’s winters.

You don’t have to go into debt to create a luxurious home design. Create an accent wall, focus on deep cleaning, and maintain the condition and cleanliness of your carpets to enjoy a luxuriously beautiful home in Tennessee.

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