Budget-Friendly Ideas for Creating an Inspiring Atmosphere in Your Dorm

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Brad Smith
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Your dorm room might look small but you can use it to your advantage. With a few tweaks, you can create an attractive atmosphere in your room. Making your room attractive is one way to show your creativity and individuality. Your dorm doubles as a study, bedroom, and living room. 

Choose modern interior designs that make you feel motivated, focused, and energetic. Keep your focus on the lighting, Adairs rugs, hangings, furniture, and bed. You don’t need to have a lot of money to achieve your goals. You can create a stunning atmosphere in your dorm with these budget-friendly ideas. 

budget friendly ideas for creating an inspiring atmosphere in your dorm

Decorate walls with removable wallpaper and personal photos

Wallpapers make the walls of your room look attractive. Real wallpaper is great but removing it causes a lot of damage to the walls. It might cost you a lot of money to repaint the walls. Use removable wallpaper to make your space colorful. Choose colors that inspire you and make your dorm look like home. 

It can be costly to buy pictures and stock photos from stores. Choose the best photos from home and hang them on the walls to add beauty. If you are studying finance, you will be involved in writing essays from time to time. You can always get help with writing your papers from professionals. The popular service Edubirdie provides finance assignment help for students across the world. They are available to offer help on any topic you might have. 

Raise your bed to create extra space

With time, you will keep increasing the amount of valuable items you have. However, the size of your room will not change. By raising your bed, you can create extra space to tuck your valuables. You can also use the space as storage for your shoes, cleaning supplies, and laundry baskets. 

Spread a rug on the floor 

Rugs are cheaper and easy to maintain compared to carpets. There are a wide variety of college dorm room rugs you can get at excellently low prices. They are made to fit your room and are easy to fold up and carry. They come with different elegant designs, colors, and textures. A rug adds beauty to your dorm and keeps your feet warm, especially in cold seasons. It makes a student feel comfortable when writing essays or studying. 

Buy multi-functional furniture for your room

If your room is big enough, you can bring in more furniture but it will cost you more. You can save a lot of money if you buy multi-functional furniture. For instance, you can use a daybed for sitting, resting, and as a bed. A nightstand can serve you as a study desk, and a coffee table. Choose a desk that fits nicely in the corner of your room. It will save you space in the middle to add more furniture if needed. 

Choose your lighting wisely

Too much light in your dorm can affect the health of your eyes. Too dim light is not good too because you will strain to read. You can go for minimalist lighting to save on costs. The most important lights are the ceiling and desk lamps. LED lights are cheaper and last for a long time. You may choose LED string lights or bulbs to make your dorm look gorgeous. 

Desk lamps play an important role in your room. They provide ample lighting when studying or writing a research paper. You may add sparkling fairy lights to use when you are not studying or writing essays. Use self-adhesive hooks to hang them on the wall. They are cheap choices of lighting and last for many days. 

Decorate with artificial plants

Artificial plants require less care and are cheaper. They look almost like real plants and are more durable. You can get some that look like the peace lily, Zanzibar Gem, Devil’s Ivy, and many more. Choose artificial varieties that you love and can fit in the spaces you intend to place them. You can have a few on the windows, some on the table, and shelves. The plants don’t need watering, soil, or fertilizer. 

Buy used curtains

New curtains can be costly especially if you buy silk or velvet. You can get used curtains at a very cheap price. You might get lucky and get fairly cheap silk or velvet. They will make your room look expensive. Avoid drilling but instead, use temporary command hooks. Use wood rods instead of metal. If you can, bring curtains from home and save money to buy another décor. 

Build a DIY storage unit

You need space to store your books, files, and utensils. One of your options is to buy a shelf and have someone install it on your wall. This option is good but you must be prepared to spend money. Your best option is to build a DIY storage. You can use pipe fittings and reclaimed barn wood. It is easy to set it up using screws and easy to dissemble when you need to. You can even add space for storing your clothes instead of placing them on your bed. 

Add inspirational messages on the walls

Educational inspirational messages can keep you motivated and renew your hope. Instead of reading them from a book, you can place them on the wall. Everyone who comes to your dorm room will love reading them. Instead of buying them, type the messages on your computer. Add attractive colors and print them. You can use double-sided tape to stick the messages on your walls. Make sure the fonts are striking and legible. Do not add too many messages but print just a few of the most inspiring. 


Decorating your dorm room gives it an inspiring atmosphere. You don’t need to have a lot of money to change the appearance of your room. You may adopt ideas such as using removable wallpaper and a dorm rug. Raise your bed to create space for storage and use multi-functional furniture. Use LED lighting and simple desk lamps.

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Written by Brad Smith

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