Dwayne Johnson’s $28M Beverly Park Oasis

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson isn’t just a global superstar; he’s an icon whose life story reads like an epic journey from humble beginnings to Hollywood royalty. Known for his dynamic roles in blockbuster hits and a wrestling career that captured millions of hearts, Johnson’s personal life is equally compelling, especially his choice of residence. His Beverly Park mansion, acquired for a cool $28M, is not just a home; it’s a statement of success and luxury, a physical manifestation of his journey from having just seven dollars in his pocket to becoming one of the wealthiest actors in the world.

Dwayne Johnson House in Beverly Hills

  • 📍 Location: Beverly Park, Beverly Hills, CA
  • 💰 Estimated Price: $27.8 million
  • 🕰️ Year Built/Remodel: Built in 1993, renovated by Grant Kirkpatrick
  • 🌳 Size of Land: Approximately 3.6 acres
  • 🏠 Size of House: 17,630 square feet of living space
  • 🛏️ Rooms: Six bedrooms and twelve bathrooms, plus a 2,500 square foot guest house

dwayne johnson house in beverly hills

The Path to Beverly Park

A young Dwayne Johnson, wrestling royalty by blood, embarks on a journey into the world of professional wrestling with nothing but determination.

Fast forward through years of triumphs and setbacks, and we find Johnson transitioning into a celebrated acting career, culminating in his acquisition of a breathtaking mansion in Beverly Park.

This mansion symbolizes not just Johnson’s financial success but his resilience and ability to transcend entertainment genres, becoming a global phenomenon. It’s a testament to how far he’s come, from wrestling rings to the pinnacle of Hollywood luxury.

dwayne johnson
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Architectural Marvel: The Exterior

dwayne johnson house in beverly hills 01

As you approach Dwayne Johnson’s Mediterranean-style oasis, the grandeur is undeniable. The mansion’s facade blends traditional Mediterranean aesthetics with modern luxury, making a bold statement. The entrance, flanked by meticulously designed gardens, leads to a doorway that feels like stepping into a realm of exclusivity and splendor, a nod to Johnson’s larger-than-life persona.

dwayne johnson house in beverly hills the grand entrance

Landscaping and Outdoor Amenities

dwayne johnson house in beverly hills landscaping and outdoor

The mansion’s outdoor space is a paradise, with lush gardens and mature trees providing a secluded and tranquil oasis in the heart of Beverly Hills. But it’s the amenities that steal the show: a tennis court for the sporty at heart, a sprawling swimming pool that mirrors the sky, and a charming pergola, perfect for those moments of quiet reflection or intimate gatherings. Every inch of the exterior is thoughtfully designed to offer not just luxury, but a sanctuary.

A Peek Inside: The Interior Design

dwayne johnson house in beverly hills living spaces

Imagine walking into a living room that marries comfort with sophistication, where soft, plush sofas invite intimate conversations amidst walls adorned with memorabilia from Johnson’s illustrious career. The dining area, a testament to Johnson’s love for family gatherings, features a large, welcoming table under a statement chandelier, creating an environment where stories and meals are shared. The kitchen, a chef’s dream, combines state-of-the-art appliances with rustic touches, embodying Johnson’s blend of modernity and tradition.

The Personal Retreats: Bedrooms and Bathrooms

dwayne johnson house in beverly hills bedrooms

The master suite, a serene haven, reflects Johnson’s strength and tranquility, with spacious design, soft, earthy tones, and panoramic windows inviting natural light. Additional bedrooms, each with a unique theme, cater to the comfort of family and guests. The bathrooms, echoing the luxuriousness of a spa, feature marble countertops, rain showers, and deep soaking tubs, offering a retreat within a retreat.

Gym and Wellness Areas

dwayne johnson house in beverly hills gym

Johnson’s dedication to fitness is mirrored in the home gym, a sprawling space equipped with the latest in fitness technology and personal memorabilia that motivates and inspires. Adjacent wellness areas, including a sauna and steam room, underscore the importance of recovery and relaxation in Johnson’s routine.

Entertainment and Leisure

The entertainment quotient of the mansion is high, with a state-of-the-art home theater designed for movie nights and a game room filled with arcade classics and modern gaming consoles, ensuring leisure and fun are never far away. The integration of smart home technology throughout these spaces offers convenience at the touch of a button, reflecting a modern, connected lifestyle.

Beyond the Mansion: Additional Luxuries

Cost TypeDwayne Johnson’s MansionBeverly Hills Average
Purchase Price$28 million$3.8 million median
Property TaxesNot DisclosedVaries by property value
HOA Fees$3,300/monthVaries significantly
Owning property in Beverly Hills comes with significant financial commitments. Here’s a breakdown of what luxury living might cost
dwayne johnson house in beverly hills 02

Dwayne Johnson’s commitment to fitness doesn’t pause while he’s on the move. His mobile gym, affectionately called the “Travelling Iron Carnival,” is a testament to this dedication. It’s a fully equipped, transportable fitness haven, underscoring his belief in the value of health and wellness anywhere, anytime.

dwayne johnson house in beverly hills 03

The Beverly Park mansion isn’t Johnson’s only real estate jewel. His portfolio includes a rustic farm in Virginia, symbolizing tranquility and connection to nature, contrasting yet complementing the Beverly mansion’s grandeur.

Property LocationPurchase PriceKey Features
Beverly Park, CA$28 millionMediterranean style, luxury amenities
Powder Springs, GA$9.5 millionHorse farm on 46 acres
VirginiaNot DisclosedRustic farm, tranquility
Additional LocationsVariesDiverse features catering to lifestyle
Dwayne Johnson owns several properties, each reflecting different aspects of his lifestyle and personality. Here’s how they stack up against each other

Living with Luxury: Costs and Commitments

dwayne johnson house in beverly hills 04

Acquiring and maintaining a property in Beverly Park comes with its hefty price tag and ongoing costs. Johnson’s mansion, purchased for $28M, incurs substantial property taxes and HOA fees, highlighting the financial commitments required to sustain such a luxurious lifestyle.

In Beverly Hills, luxury is the standard, and Johnson’s mansion stands out even among the elite, with its sprawling estate and personalized amenities setting a high bar for celebrity real estate.

By leveraging his platform and resources, Johnson has helped shine a light on the needs of wildfire victims and has urged his vast following to support recovery initiatives. The true essence of his involvement paints a picture of a celebrity deeply committed to humanitarian causes, contrary to the misleading viral narratives.


Where does Dwayne Johnson live now?

Dwayne Johnson currently resides in a luxurious mansion in Beverly Park, Beverly Hills, California. This area is known for its exclusivity and high-profile residents.

What is the address of Dwayne Johnson’s Beverly Park mansion?

For privacy and security reasons, the exact address of Dwayne Johnson’s Beverly Park mansion is not publicly disclosed. Beverly Park is a gated community located in Beverly Hills, CA.

How much is Dwayne Johnson’s Beverly Park mansion worth?

Dwayne Johnson’s mansion in Beverly Park was purchased for approximately $28 million. The value of the property may have appreciated due to various factors, including market trends and property enhancements.

What makes Dwayne Johnson’s Beverly Park mansion unique compared to his other properties?

Dwayne Johnson’s Beverly Park mansion stands out due to its luxurious amenities, expansive space, and the prestigious Beverly Park location, known for its exclusivity and security.


The Beverly Park mansion, with its blend of luxurious amenities and personal touches, perfectly encapsulates Dwayne Johnson’s taste for the exquisite intertwined with genuine warmth.

Johnson’s choice of residence reinforces his stature in celebrity culture, showcasing not just financial success but a deep appreciation for family, history, and personal achievement, making it a notable landmark in celebrity real estate.

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