7 of the Best Interior Design Styles for 7 Different Types of Homes

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Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

The type of home you live in will probably influence the way you decide to decorate. However, with so many different interior design styles to choose from, it can be hard to make a decision. Of course, any design style can fit any type of home, but here are seven examples of the best design styles for seven different types of homes.

#1: Traditional Design for a Suburban Home

The Traditional design style is the foundation for most interior design styles, so this style can be easily translated to fit anyone’s personality. This is what makes it perfect for your typical suburban home. You can see a variety of different styles in the Traditional style: art pieces (Art Deco), geometric shapes (Mid-Century Modern), oriental pieces, and contemporary touches all around. This is a good style to start with when you’re not sure what design style fits your personality. Book an appointment with the talented professionals at houseUP to understand how you can adapt this style to your home, too. 

#2: Rustic Design for a Cabin in the Mountains

The Rustic design style truly brings the outdoors in, and what better way to decorate your vacation home if it’s a cabin in the mountains— or maybe this is your primary home. Either way, you’ll want to incorporate wood as much as you can: flooring, ceiling beams, crown molding, baseboards, and other trim. However, “rustic” doesn’t have to be synonymous with “uncomfortable”. All of your furniture doesn’t have to be made of wood— in fact; you’ll want to add some cozy pieces, as a cabin in the mountains evokes thoughts of coziness.

#3: Minimalist Design for a Tiny Home

Tiny homes are typically less than 600 square feet, and they’re actually becoming very popular among advocates for downsizing. They can be built on foundations or on trailers, depending on the homeowner’s preferences.

The Minimalist design really embodies the phrase “less is more”, and it’s literally the perfect design style when you have a limited amount of space. Three ideas to keep in mind when designing in the Minimalist style: simplicity, functionality, and refinement.

#4: Industrial Design for a Converted Home

Converted homes are nonresidential buildings or spaces that have been converted into living spaces, making the Industrial design style perfect for these types of homes. This style came about as many old factories and warehouses were converted into homes. 

Your converted home probably already has concrete floors, a lot of exposed beams, and maybe even an exposed brick wall— but don’t cover those up just yet, as these are the defining features of the Industrial interior design style. Other decor ideas include Edison lights, an iron-framed bed, and a gas range.

#5: Hollywood Glam for a Penthouse Apartment

A luxurious penthouse deserves a luxurious design, and that’s where Hollywood Glam comes in. This style blends Art Deco with glamor, with French furnishings, clean lines, bright accent colors, and high-shine and/or reflective surfaces.

#6: Cottagecore for a Cottage by the Lake

Cottagecore is the popular, nature-driven design that embraces simplicity, comfort, and self-reliance— the perfect (and literal) design theme for your custom-built cottage on the lake! The design style features lots of houseplants, wooden furniture, and rustic and vintage decor. Other natural elements to incorporate include wicker and hemp. Wallpaper is also a characteristic feature of this style.

Your space should also feel “lived in”, meaning that tidiness isn’t necessary. And since this style also focuses on self-reliance, having a vegetable and herb garden in your backyard adds the perfect touch.

#7: Coastal Design for a Beach House

What better interior design style for a beach house than the Coastal design style? Well, maybe anything else if your permanent residence is a beach house. But if this is only your vacation home, you’ll want to soak up all of the goodness of the beach as much as you can and in any way you can.

This design style features bright colors (such as blues and greens) and also natural colors (such as whites and browns). If you don’t want your beach house to look too much like the beach, make the neutrals your main color palette and the brighter colors your accents.

Again, any design style can fit any type of home, and you’re allowed to decorate your home any way you want. These are just a few suggestions based on the type of home (or vacation home) you may have. There are also many more design styles to look into, such as: Asian Fusion, Contemporary, Farmhouse, and Nautical— there’s something that suits everyone’s style.

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Written by Brad Smith

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