How to Find Your Décor Style by Star Sign

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Brad Smith
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When it comes to decorating your home, there are a lot of decisions to be made. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide on one theme, or you might be trying to keep the whole family happy. In any scenario, the décor you eventually choose can reflect your tastes and personality, so it’s important to find the right match. 

Luckily, using astrology alongside what you already know about your tastes, finding the perfect style is simple. If you already know your star sign, it’s always worth checking out which trends and styles could be best suited to you.

how to find your décor style by star sign

How is astrology linked to our home interiors?

Fitted furniture specialists, Hammonds spoke with Bex Milford, astrologer, crystal healer, and moon mentor known on Instagram, about our tastes and preferences can be influenced by our star sign. Bex added:

“Throughout our lives we are constantly ‘growing into’ our star sign as we assert our individuality. Taking our star sign into account when we decorate rooms is just another way to connect with this authentic version of ourselves, allowing us to feel most confident and comfortable in the room we’ve created!”

In other words, using your star sign as a guide for decorating your home is just another way to express yourself sincerely. Whether you’re brainstorming for a future project or getting creative with your home interior now, check out this quick style guide inspired by your zodiac sign.

The best interior style for your star sign: A complete guide

Aries: Minimalist and clutter-free

Aries are forward-thinking and pragmatic, so their interior style shouldn’t be too complicated. Avoid the fuss and aim for subtlety instead, keeping clutter to a minimum and colour schemes neutral too.

Taurus: Soft touches

Taurus thrives in nature but holds a much deeper appreciation for the fineries too. We’d recommend an immersive, tactile environment for Taurus, with thick, soft furnishings and naturally exposed features too.

Gemini: Light and spacious

Known for their enjoyment of vibrant colours and immersive spaces, Geminis adore brighter tones in contemporary interiors. They’re bound to be fashionable, so a spacious walk-in wardrobe could be a must-have for their bedroom. 

Cancer: Cosy and nostalgic 

Cancer is a sign that’s known for a tendency to get comfortable and make their retreat. Think home comforts, antiques, larger furniture, and soft, warm lighting. Colour palettes should be neutral, with soft pastels and light blues preferred.

Leo: Glitz and glamour

They’re confident and daring, so you shouldn’t be afraid to make an interior statement for a Leo. Colours like royal blue make an attractive choice set against statement wallpaper and golden details to create a decadent atmosphere.

Virgo: Stylish, simple, and chic

Keep things stripped back for a Virgo. They adore simple yet high-quality pieces, particularly when it comes to furnishings and defining features in an interior. Darker splashes of colour could be welcomed in their space too.

Libra: Elegant and regal

Libra is ruled by Venus, so they’re most concerned with beauty and harmony in art. Exquisite designs and luxurious materials like cotton, marble, and linen suit the desires of these wistful romantics. 

Scorpio: Shape and aesthetic

The Scorpio in you might like to make a bit of a statement, so why not use contrasting colours? We also think that combining the Japandi style with a few bold tones could be well suited to those with Scorpio rising.

Sagittarius: Experimental wonder

The Sagittarius in your life loves to explore, so this instinctive yearning should be celebrated in design too. They appreciate form, structure, and natural colours, so make sure their interior harks back to nature.

Capricorn: Bright and natural

Capricorn is an Earth sign, so choosing flowering or leafy plants and incorporating luscious greens into their interior is necessary. If you’re Capricorn, don’t forget that natural fibres including hessian and linens could help you keep in touch too.

Aquarius: Unconventional styles

Try a combination of styles to keep Aquarius content. Blend the contemporary with something slightly more traditional to create a natural flow in each room, with a creative touch wherever possible. 

Pisces: Curious contrasts

Pisces also loves to strike a perfect balance, but this time between bohemian and cosmopolitan. Keep their style hard to pin down and celebrate subtle links to the ocean with wavy lines, silks, and distressed wood furniture against a pale colour palette. 

Create your own style

Using your star sign for inspiration, you can come up with original ideas to define a fresh style for your home. Looking for more advice or inspiration? Don’t hesitate to browse through more articles to find the right style choices to feed your soul.

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Written by Brad Smith

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