Integrating Modern Electrical Solutions for Home Renovation Projects

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Home renovations don’t just update style and colors anymore. With today’s technology, a home renovation isn’t complete without integrating modern electrical features, such as smart home technology or energy-saving lights. With more homes switching to solar energy, a simple rewiring just doesn’t cut it anymore. What electrical features and solutions are modern homes seeing?

integrating modern electrical solutions for home renovation projects

Modern Lighting

Homes aren’t just powered by traditional light bulbs any longer. From energy-saving bulbs to automated hexagonal RGB lighting, a home renovation without options for these features will be lacking in worth. Adding options for smart features or voice automation is a must in these technologically advanced times.

Energy Saving Lighting

Traditional bulbs aren’t cost-effective or energy-effective. The use of simple LEDs or EFLs can greatly improve the longevity and energy consumption of light bulbs, and they typically can be used in modern light fixtures. Lighting timers are great features inside and out of today’s modern homes to reduce consumption when not needed.

Smart Lighting

Modern electrical features would be nothing without smart systems, and arguably the most important smart feature is lighting. The ability to control lighting from another room or an app is not only incredibly convenient, but it’s a key expected feature in a modern home. Installing an electric wiring system that can automatically connect with apps and smart hubs puts any home on the modern map.

RGB Lighting

RGB lighting features aren’t just for game or movie rooms. With the ability to change lighting to any color, animation, speed, and brightness, many homes are using RGB light strips to illuminate modern kitchens, doorways, hallway flooring, and more. Modern homes with RGB lights pre-installed can be a great benefit to an electrical setup.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is quickly becoming more affordable to the modern homeowner, and updating a home to accommodate solar energy is a huge bonus to any investor, builder, or renovator. Solar energy requires conversion from DC to AC energy, so proper setup is a must.

Solar Panels

While not entirely electrical, modern homes should feature solar panels installed or a convenient location to place them (in the yard, on the roof, etc). The ability to maintain and upgrade solar panels as time passes is also important and convenient as well. No modern electrical upgrade would be as efficient without solar opportunities.

Solar Equipment

Solar energy setups often require batteries and battery storage to keep energy going when output is low (such as nighttime or power outages). Adding locations for battery storage and batteries to match a home solar system is a must with any modern electrical renovation. Including the solar energy converter is incredibly important too, as solar wouldn’t be usable without one.

Smart Thermostats

No matter what type of energy source one uses, a modern home typically utilizes a smart thermostat. These allow the homeowner to control the temperature from anywhere in the home, on their phone, and more. They can even program or time certain temperatures depending on time or certain conditions. These can save energy, helping both the environment and utility bill costs.

Modern Power Outlets

With smartphones in the pockets of practically anyone, modern homes need an update to outlets. With wireless charging capabilities and the prevalence of USB charging, modern outlets should be upgraded to include USB outlets as well. Plugging a USB cord directly into a wall reduces clutter and adds convenience to any home.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Providing a way to properly utilize energy-efficient appliances is a must for the modern home. With many appliances featuring energy-saving and smart capabilities, a home’s electrical system should be able to reflect these features as well.

Electric Vehicle Charging

With modern homes come modern vehicles. Similar to solar energy, more people can afford electric or even hybrid vehicles. Home upgrades should feature more ways to charge their electric vehicle, including using solar energy. 

Home Automation

In addition to smart home features, home automation is very popular. From garage doors to even blinds on windows, home automation upgrades are an electrical feature any home renovator does not want to miss.

The Cost of Modern Electrical Features

While any renovation can cost a pretty penny, they end up saving money in the long run due to energy-saving and cost-saving features. This includes modern upgrades to the electrical features of the home. Consulting with an electrician is the first step to undergoing a modern renovation, and costs can vary depending on location. For example, an electrician in Kansas City will cost less than one in New York City. Contacting locally is important.

Upgrading a home requires not just aesthetic changes but technological and electrical upgrades as well. Updating to an energy-saving, smart home adds a lot of benefits for owners, investors, and potential future buyers. It adds to a home’s value and adds a lot more convenience in the modern world.

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Written by Brad Smith

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