Tips When Using PODS Portable Storage Containers

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Portable storage containers are a perfect alternative to the traditional semi-truck trailer or truck moving technique. Not only can you stow your items the way you want, but you can also take your time packing. Also, you’ll not have to worry about another individual damaging your expensive furniture or dropping collectibles.

As you pack your PODS portable storage unit, there are a few things you can do to elevate your moving or storage experience. Read further to discover how you can maximize your portable storage container’s space and ensure your items remain safe before, during, and after relocation.

Your moving day doesn’t need to be full of confusion and anxiety. It should be an easy day for you!

tips when using pods portable storage containers

Pick a Portable Storage Unit with These Key Features

Consider what you want to store before you can pick your PODS portable storage container. Most people prefer PODS storage units because they are built to be solid, secure, and weatherproof. They come with features you’ll appreciate, including:

  • Weather and rodent proof: Your items will be free from wind, dust, water, and rodents due to the thoughtful design of PODS storage containers.
  • Ultra-secure locks: High-end portable storage units come with easy-to-use and top-notch locking mechanisms. PODS containers are designed with the user’s security in mind.
  • Steel construction: Most containers are made of the highest SPA-C and SPA-H steel to allow them to be easily stackable and movable when fully loaded.
  • Climate controlled: If you want to keep items that are sensitive to temperature or humidity, PODS storage containers can be your lasting solution.

With these key features, you can be sure that your storage unit can allow you to pack and stow your items safely.

Pack Vital Items in the Front

Have items that you know you’ll need access to right away? Things like towels, cooking supplies, toiletries, and more. These are the things you need to pack towards your storage unit’s front.

You can get to these items as easily and quickly as possible. To avoid misplacing legal documents and valuables, keep them with you. Refrain from keeping flammables, ammunition, and food in the container.

Evenly Distribute the Weight

It is advisable to distribute your items’ weight evenly from one side to another and front to back. Even distribution of weight ensures easy transportation of your items when moving. Also, it helps avoid damage. It feels natural to pack your heavy items in the front. But it’s vital to save some for the back of your portable storage container.

Create a Wall Within Your PODS Portable Storage Unit

From the back of the container and ceiling to the floor, pack your boxes and belongings along the outside edges to create a wall. A wall will ensure your belongings don’t shift when the portable unit is moved. Additionally, you’ll have enough space to maneuver around the container until it is well and fully packed.

Pack Your Boxes Effectively

Always pack heavy items in smaller boxes. This will allow you to lift them easily into your storage container. Pack lighter items in big boxes. Remember to label each box in order to know what’s in each one of them.

Use bubble wrap to wrap your fragile electronics and items. Alternatively, you can use newspapers, pillows, and clothing as cushions. Pack your boxes tightly, and be sure to avoid overloading them.

PODS storage services cater to every individual’s needs. Want to store your business items or inventory? Stage your home? Carry out thorough cleaning? Or declutter your abode? Your next project doesn’t matter. PODS storage units can allow you to complete the job perfectly.

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Written by Brad Smith

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