Small Communities in Texas with Multiple Housing Options: Ideal for Homebuyers of All Ages

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Brad Smith
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The tiny Texan communities are seeing a rise in population due to the proximity to the Texas metropolitan area, full of employment opportunities, and the small-scale yet efficient housing options for pensioners. Also, the sense of neighborhood bonding, nature minus the skyscraper, walkability, and low crime rates skyrocketed the popularity of compact towns among people of all ages.  

small communities in texas with multiple housing options

Why Are Small Neighborhoods Flourishing in the Texas Residential Property Market?

Texas is the perfect place for a starter home thanks to the low tax rates and lender options. Besides that, the quiet suburbs hidden at the outskirts of the metropolis piqued the construction of retirement communities- making it a hotspot for older adults looking for a tranquil lifestyle.

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Since Texan communities practice tradition and tech simultaneously, residents will get the best of the close neighborhood without accepting 21-st century amenities. 

4 Versatile Housing Choices for All Age Groups in Compact Texan Communities

1. First Colony, Sugar Land 

First Colony is a compact yet luxurious community with 14,000 homes, 1,700 apartments, 750 townhomes, and 169 condos. As the epitome of a high-class lifestyle and a favorite for pro athletes, the neighborhood boasts country clubs, private schools, churches, hospitals, municipal services, ballfields, lakes, and a complete sense of security.

Even though the First Colony community seems like a haven for retirees and childfree families looking for luxury living, the nearby Sugar Land school district makes it ideal for families with school-going children. Living near the nation’s 7th largest school district gives the kids a chance towards top-notch education and college preparation. 

2. Tavolo Park, Fort Worth

Young professionals and mid-rank executives gravitate towards the DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) neighborhoods due to the nearby technology companies, businesses, and school districts. However, the residential properties of Tavolo Park stand out among the other areas for catering to the needs of young adults who want to live near their parents – modern detached houses for youngsters and a retirement-friendly community for older adults in Ladera. 

After the isolation caused by the worldwide pandemic, millennials gravitate towards living near their family members. Since Tavolo Park’s convenient regional planning puts it at the center of all necessities (schools, healthcare facilities, parks, gardens, zoos, and tech hubs), residents can spend quality time with their families. Also, the detached single-family home price starts from $366,515 in the community- making it a hotspot for Individuals looking for affordable housing near downtown DFW.

 3. North Shoal Creek, Travis County 

Are you looking for a rustic house full of Southern charm with affordable pricing? North Shoal Creek might have the perfect house for you since this close-knit community of 4,380 people displays diverse housing options traditional ranch homes, mid-century houses, condos, and stone accent houses. Young professionals and retirees lean more toward this calm neighborhood because of security, bus routes, biking trails, and sidewalks.  

This small-scale locality drew the attention of prospective buyers due to its proximity to Austin ISD and the economic hub of DFW downtown. What’s even more remarkable is that this cozy North Shoal Creek community provides residential properties at a reasonable cost- the condo price starts from $250,000. 

4. Adriatica Village, McKinney

Did your Euro trip leave a long-lasting impression, and do you long for a house similar to the ones in Mediterranean countries? Adriatica Village at McKinney might surprise you with architecture and annual festivals similar to a Croatian village. Adiatrica’s versatile housing market has something for everyone- adult-friendly condo complexes, villas, empty lots, and estates- with detached home prices starting from $485,000.

Adriatica Village can serve as a second home, an excellent solution for WFH communities and older adults looking for luxury Euro living. The fine dining experience, exclusive boutiques, and greenery will give you the feel of an everlasting vacation. The distinctive and vibrant community design leaves the opportunity for short-term rentals and generous property appreciation over time.  

Gone are the days when small communities used to be rural, gated, or luxury neighborhoods meant for the 1% of the US. Modern small communities from Texas present various housing for young families, retirees, and tech professionals: multiple single-family and luxury homes to estates and condos. So, if you want to enjoy nature sans the skyscrapers and congestion of downtown TX, go to the humbly-sized communities, and get the best of communal living.

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Written by Brad Smith

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