Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid: Tips for an Effortless Project

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Brad Smith
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A kitchen is the heart of the home. Family gatherings and daily meals are focused around this essential hub so making it into a space where they feel inspired to cook and chat will give the kitchen long-term appeal. A tried and true way to create the ideal kitchen is to remodel it to suit individual tastes and needs. Undertaking a kitchen renovation project is an exciting way to rejuvenate a home and give it some flare. This article will cover some common mistakes to avoid when doing a kitchen renovation to ensure a stress-free project and have a gorgeously custom kitchen in the end.  

kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid tips for an effortless project

Remember to Hire the Right Contractors

In kitchen renovations, as with most things in life, the final result is dependent on the skills and expertise of the people doing the job. You should always take a look at the prospective contractor’s portfolio of past work and catalog of designs to determine if they are the right fit for your project. Take a look at the contractor’s website and social media pages to see what sorts of unique projects they have completed recently and see if you like their work. 

Questions to ask yourself when hiring a contractor include:

  • Does their style match my ideas?
  • Do they use sustainable and durable materials?
  • Are they registered with professional contractor associations?
  • Do they have good reviews from previous customers?
  • Do they offer design ideas specific to my kitchen needs?
  • Are they easy to communicate with?

Be Realistic About the Time Frame and Maintain Open Communication with Your Kitchen Renovation Company

Kitchen renovations can take several weeks depending on the scope of the project and the size of the kitchen. It is important to hire a contractor in your region who can accurately estimate how long the project will take, as well as the expected delivery dates for all the materials to arrive at the construction site. 

A reliable kitchen renovation company in Toronto will provide you with a professional design as well as the expected time frame in which the project is expected to be completed. If you’re doing a kitchen renovation in Toronto, you can discover additional details about kitchen renovations on You’ll want to ensure your contractor has reputable suppliers and certified installers who will deliver high-quality services on time. Experienced kitchen renovation companies have good relationships with local artisans and manufacturers that will enable the entire renovation project to proceed smoothly and reduce any possible frustration due to delays. 

Create a Temporary Kitchen Setup To Minimize Frustration

Because a kitchen renovation can feel quite disruptive to your everyday life and eating habits, it is important to set up a designated temporary kitchen space where you can prepare and eat meals. You can also meal plan and prepare most of your meals before the renovation begins and store them in the fridge and freezer, which you can move to another area of your home.  These tips will reduce the costs of having to buy takeout meals and ensure you have a clean space to eat that is removed from the construction space. 

Avoid Trends and Rather Select Timeless Designs

Though it may be tempting to want the latest bold kitchen trend that you see on blogs and social media feeds, it is important to think about your kitchen design in the long term. This means that you should select countertops and cupboard doors that have neutral bases that will adapt to the various seasons of your life. You can always add charm and personality to your kitchen by decorating with retro touches and adding in some brightly colored small appliances like stand mixers, kettles, toasters, or artisanal breadboards.

kitchen avoid trends and rather select timeless designs

Create a Thorough Budget and Stick To It

With all the options that are available when doing a kitchen renovation, it can be easy to accidentally overspend. This is why creating a budget with your contractor and sticking to it is so important because it not only prevents unwelcome bills at the end of the project but also allows you to make informed choices about the materials that will be used in the design phase. 

It is a good idea to create your ideal kitchen with growth in mind. This means using whatever large appliances you already have in the new design but thinking about the appliances you want to buy in the future and making sure they will also fit into the layout. 

Choose Quality Materials Over Quantity

The kitchen is a high-traffic area where a lot of daily activity occurs. The surfaces you choose need to be able to withstand a lot of use, as well as water from washing dishes, and condensation and heat from cooking. Choosing high-quality countertops and cupboards will ensure your cabinetry doesn’t start to warp over time and also makes the kitchen far more hygienic. Not to mention that high-end materials like marble are also easier to clean. 

Don’t DIY Major Components In the Kitchen Renovation Project

With all the Pinterest ideas and YouTube DIY videos, it may be tempting to try and do your own kitchen renovation. But what these types of posts don’t explain is that those people often have years of renovation experience, specialized skills, and the right tools to do the projects. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t include smaller DIY projects in your kitchen renovation to give it your unique touch. You can sew your kitchen curtains, create a focal wall with personalized artwork, or make some ceramic ware to display on shelves. But you shouldn’t try to install your kitchen’s plumbing or light fixtures, as these are best done by certified professionals. 

Select Energy Efficient Appliances and Lighting

Many people think about the lighting in their kitchen as an afterthought. However, the reality is that intentional lighting choices can have a big impact on the overall energy efficiency of a home. Choosing lights and appliances that are rated “green” or “low energy” will make a home more energy-efficient and make energy bills less expensive.

kitchen select energy efficient appliances and lighting

Maximize Storage Space With Unique Cupboard Solutions

A lot of attention is placed on aesthetics when renovating a kitchen, but the most important aspects of remodeling a kitchen are the storage solutions that are selected. A well-appointed kitchen will have storage that is easy to access and keep tidy with minimal effort. Including specialized spice inserts, easy pullout drawers, and hidden garbage cupboards make it easier to prepare meals and clean up afterward too. Cupboards that hide unsightly but essential kitchen items, like dishrack cupboards above the sink area, give the kitchen a cohesive and uncluttered look that makes it feel modern.

kitchen maximize storage space with unique cupboard solutions


When doing a kitchen renovation project is essential to hire the right professionals to help you achieve your kitchen dreams. They will help you create a timeless kitchen that feels modern and timeless without succumbing to the latest trends while also creating a realistic expectation of how much the kitchen renovation will cost and how long it will take. They will also create a design that maximizes your available space and provides unique storage solutions that will make your kitchen easier to use. It is not recommended to DIY your kitchen renovation project because you don’t have the skills or certification to install the plumbing or electrical components, but you can create smaller DIY projects like curtains and decor to add personality to your renovated kitchen.

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