How to Choose a New Ceiling Fan for Your Home

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Brad Smith
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These days, it’s not always easy to choose a new ceiling fan. There are just so many fan designs and styles to choose from. And that’s not all.

When you’re choosing a new ceiling fan for your home, you need to make sure it’s the right size for your room and that you’ll be able to hang it at the right height above the floor. You should also consider what features and functionality you need from a fan – today’s smart fans offer all kinds of new features that can really enhance the functionality of your fan. Here’s what you need to know to choose the best new ceiling fan for your home.

Measure the Room for Ceiling Fan Size

The most important thing to consider when searching for new ceiling fans is the size of the fan. A fan that is too small for the room it’s in won’t move air efficiently and you won’t get the cooling breeze you need. A fan that is too big for the room it’s in will move too much air and can make you feel like you live in a wind tunnel.

ensure that the ceiling fan will hang at the proper height

Measure the square footage of the room where you plan to hang the fan. Fans are sized according to the span of their blades, which are measured in inches; fan sizes can range from 24 to 80 inches. If your room is 75 square feet or smaller, choose a fan no bigger than 36 inches. If your room is 76 to 144 square feet, choose a fan that is 36 to 42 inches. If your room is 145 to 224 square feet, choose a 40- to 50-inch fan. If your room is 226 to 400 square feet, choose a 50- to 54-inch fan. If your room is larger than 400 feet, choose a 60-inch or larger fan, or consider hanging multiple fans.

Ensure that the Ceiling Fan Will Hang at the Proper Height

You need your ceiling fan to hang about seven to nine feet off the floor; eight feet is a good height because it’s high enough that even the tallest people will be safe from hitting their heads on the ceiling fan, while still being low enough that you can actually feel the breeze the fan creates. 

If you have a regular, nine-foot ceiling, you can choose a ceiling fan with the standard 12-inch downrod to lower it to the right height. However, if you have a very high ceiling or a vaulted ceiling, you’re going to need a fan with a longer downrod. You can buy downrod extension kits if you can’t find a fan with an adequately long downrod. 

If you have low ceilings, on the other hand, you’re going to want to look at flush-mount fans. Flush mount fans don’t have a downrod, but instead they hug the ceiling. You can hang a flush-mount ceiling fan in a low-ceilinged room without creating a safety hazard.

Get the Features and Controls You Need

Modern ceiling fans these days come with all kinds of features and controls, including smart connectivity. Make sure you get the features you need from a fan. That could mean buying a smart fan that you can control from your phone or smart home device, so you can turn the fan on remotely and walk into a nice, fresh house when you come home from work. It could mean buying a fan that senses the temperature in the room and kicks on automatically when things get too hot. It could mean buying a fan with wireless wall controls or a remote control, so you don’t have to fish around for a pull chain every time you need to turn the fan on. It could even mean buying a programmable fan so you can schedule it to come on during the times of day when it’s needed most.

Match Your Fan to Your Decor

Perhaps the most complicated part of buying a new ceiling fan is matching it to your decor. There are plenty of fan designs and styles on the market, and you don’t need to feel limited to what’s in stock at your local big box store – you can shop online for new fans and get access to every style and design available. Whether you’re installing a new fan in a beach house or a downtown loft, you can find something that will go with your design aesthetic.

Choosing a new ceiling fan for your home can be more complicated than it appears on the surface, especially when you get into fan features and designs. Take the time to shop carefully for your new ceiling fan, and get a fixture you can enjoy for years and years.

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