10 Easy Steps: Best Way to Move a Hot Tub

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Relocating or renovating as a hot tub owner presents a unique challenge when trying to move it. It’s an almost 1,000-lb water-filled movable spa, and of course, you will need some advice on how to move it.

Whether you are trying to move the tub to a faraway location or somewhere close by, there are several ways you can go about it. But what’s the safest and best way to move a hot tub without damaging it?

It’s not going to be quick, but once you understand the basics of handling the tub for movement, you’ll discover just how easy it is to relocate. 

Let’s dive in!

best way to move a hot tub

Step #1: Plan and Access Your Surroundings

Before moving your hot tub from its location, you need to make a plan for the best way to move it. 

Access the area surrounding the hot tub: Are there obstacles in the way? Are you going to pass through some stairs while moving? Knowing the exact path you will take before the move makes moving easier.

Also, determine if there’s enough room for you to wheel the hot tub out as it is or if you’ll have to disassemble some parts. Most hot tub movers would advise that you get the accurate size and weight of your tub, as this helps you know the type of tools and moving equipment you’ll need for the job.

The average-sized hot tub can be:

Weight (pounds)Capacity (gallons)Size (inches)
480 (lbs)30081’ × 81’ × 34’
590 (lbs)40082’ × 82’ × 36’
700 (lbs)47585’ × 85’ × 36’
950 (lbs)500108’ × 86.5’ × 35.5’

Step #2: Gather Supplies and Reserve A Moving Truck

Whether you will take out some parts of your hot tub or not during the move, you will need some essential tools to simplify the entire process.

Here’s a list of the standard tools you will need for your entire hot tub move.

  • Thick moving straps
  • Appliance or furniture dollies
  • 4×4 lumber boards or inflatable spa wedge
  • Blankets or padding
  • A truck with a ramp
  • Garden hose
  • A measuring tape
  • Screwdriver (optional—use only when required)

If the new home for your hot tub isn’t close by, it’s best to have a moving truck or some type of vehicle with enough space to carry it to the new location. 

Step #3: Get Help!

Let’s get serious here. There’s no way you’re thinking of moving a hot tub alone. In an instance, let’s say you can, which is practically impossible, you might end up damaging some parts of the tub.

Advisably, it’s best to get 3-6 extra strong hands. A hot tub can weigh anywhere between 500 to 1,200 pounds. Now, knowing the exact weight of your own could help you determine how much help you will need and the type of moving dollies to use.

If you are trying to cut costs and are not going to bother hiring some serious muscle, ask around for help. Maybe your family, friends, or neighborhood can join you in the heavy lifting. 

Step #4: Prepare the Tub for Moving

Everything is set. The plans have been drawn up, so it’s time to focus on the hot tub.

While moving the hot tub, you need to remove everything that might hinder the ease of relocating it. For instance, the cover of the tub and the water probably still inside all add extra unneeded weight during the move.

Here is what to do

  • Remove the top cover on top of the tub to expose it fully. Keep the cover properly for reuse in the new location.
  • Disconnect the electric cable from the hot tub and keep it in a safe place. Place it in a bag away from water and avoid allowing it to get tied up together.
  • Plug one end of your garden hose into the drainage area at the bottom of the tub and place the other side in the place you are most comfortable getting soaked by water.


After draining all the water, wipe the hot tub with a cloth till it’s clean and dry.

Step #5: Lift the Tub Onto Lumber Boards

Once you are at this point, how do you move a hot tub? The first thing is to get your lumber boards ready to work.

With the help of your strong muscled hands, lift one side of the hot tube a few inches off the ground carefully. Whether you or anyone assisting you, place one of the lumber boards or inflatable spa wedge underneath the side of the tub. 

At this point, your tub will be in an inclined position. Repeat the same process for the opposite side of the tub. On completion, your hot tub should be suspended above the level ground on its left and right sides by the boards.

Step #6: Attach your Dollies for Movement

With your furniture or appliance dollies, depending on the weight of your tub, this will be the easiest way to move a hot tub.

All you have to do now is roll the dollies under the tub in the space between the two lumberboards by the sides. For even balance and firmness, you will need two dollies. Place one at the front and the other at the back.

Once the hot tub rests completely on the dollies, simply roll it across the path you have created until you reach your destination or your moving truck.

(If you aren’t relocating the hot tub to a far location or using a moving truck or vehicle, simply skip to Step #10.)

Step #7: Loading Onto the Truck

Before loading the tub into the truck, take the blanket, padding, or protective plastic you have and wrap it around the tube. This will help protect it from damage or contact with anything that could cause a scratch while moving.

With the help of your muscle friends again, roll the tub with the dollies to the ramp of the truck or vehicle. Together, push it up the ramp while supporting it on both sides as you guide it onto the vehicle.

Step #8: Secure the Tub to the Truck

Using the thick moving straps, secure the hot tub firmly to the truck. Doing this helps to keep it stable inside the truck and prevents random shifts and movement during transportation.

If you are the one driving the truck, drive slowly and safely. While the straps may firmly hold it, you don’t want to get it loose due to fast or rough driving.

Step #9: Unloading From the Truck

Once you arrive at your destination, remove all the straps binding the tub to the truck. With the dollies still attached underneath, roll the tub to the edge of the ramp.

Ensure the dollies line up perfectly with the ramp, and slowly bring it down with supporting hands at the front and sides. A couple of muscled hands could work the trick here. 

Step #10: Reinstall, Fill it, and Reconnect

Before taking off the dollies, do a quick check and inspection of the hot tub to ensure it was not damaged during transportation. 

Once it’s all good, roll the tub to the precise location you want it mounted. Place the lumber boards on both sides again and remove the dollies. Then, carefully remove the lumber boards one at a time—simply a reverse method of Step #5.

Fill your hot tub with water, plug back the electricity cable, and you are good to go!

Key Takeaway—Best Way to Move A Hot Tub

As challenging as it might seem, moving a hot tub can be quite easy once you know how to do it.

Regardless of the weight, the best way to move a hot tub is with a helping hand. You can’t do it alone, and even if you could, you would only be putting risk on the integrity of your hot tub.

Best of luck with your move!

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